Mom Who Pierced Baby's Ears One Day After She Was Born Criticized Online

Is she too young?

mother pierces newborn's ears at one day old Tiktok, Instagram

A mother who had her newborn daughter’s ears pierced just after her birth has drawn heavy criticism online. 

The mother posted a before and after video to TikTok on June 2 comparing her daughter, Lara, one day after her birth to the day the video was uploaded.

The account, which uses the daughter’s name, has over a million followers and the video in question has over a million views and 43,000 likes.


TikTok users slammed the mom for piercing the newborn's ears.

People spotted flower-shaped earrings on the baby in the video, sparking a feud in the video’s comment section.

Many viewers were appalled to see the child’s ears pierced before she left the hospital, and left comments expressing their feelings.

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“Bro was still in the hospital bed but had earrings on,” one user said.



“In our culture/family, we also have ears pierced as soon as they are born,” a second user said.


“How is that ear piercing even legal? I thought the age was 3mo.” a third user said.

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Some also expressed their concern for the baby, given the propensity for small children to put small objects in their mouths.

“I'd be so afraid she pulled them off and choked on them,” a fourth said. "My daughter was 7 & my son 8 when they got theirs done.”

A few even defended the mother’s actions and complimented her daughter on how she looks with them in.

“Personal opinion....she is adorable and I totally love the earrings.... Who cares what other people say...We live one life,” a fifth said.


Several pointed out that while piercing a baby's ear might be a new concept to some, it is a tradition for others.

“You all are so judgmental! In my culture, we pierce as infants,” a sixth said. “I have three daughters, and had theirs pierced, none flinched, nor had any problems.”

The mom justified her decision by claiming that her daughter wouldn’t feel the pain at that age because her earlobes are softest just after birth. She added that her daughter “didn’t even react.”

Piercing an infant's ears is extremely common in some Asian, Hispanic, and African cultures.


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the procedure is not harmful if it is done correctly using safe, sterile equipment. As with any piercing, aftercare is vital to ensure there are no adverse effects.

The TikTok account is filled with joyful videos of a very happy-looking baby Lara so it seems like the new mom is taking great care of her little one, despite the negative comments.

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