Single Mom Bashes Pizza Delivery Driver For Taking Her Order Back Because She Was 76 Cents Short — 'I Have $20 To My Name'

She did not get the response she was hoping for.

Mom's Domino's order canceled

A woman is urging people against ordering from Domino’s pizza after an unpleasant experience with a Domino’s delivery driver. However, many people believe that the mishap was her own fault and are actually claiming that they will be ordering Domino’s more often because of it. 

Franshae Smith is a mom of one who, according to her now-viral video, is unable to work so money is a little tight at the moment. So when her pizza delivery order wound up costing more than she had with her, she was left in a tough spot.


The woman was refused her Domino’s pizza order after she was 76 cents short of the total. 

The woman, Franshae Smith, ordered Domino’s pizza for her and her son for dinner one evening. At the time, the two both had Covid-19 and were in quarantine. Smith’s order totaled to $20.76. However, she only had a $20 bill on her. 

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After she failed to provide the additional 76 cents, the Domino’s delivery driver canceled her order and refused to give it to her. As he walked away, Smith whipped out her phone and began recording him. “You’re really canceling my order for Domino’s because I’m 76 cents short?” she calls after him. “And I have a baby who has covid and all I have is $20.” 


“Bye, Domino’s! You’re going viral!” Smith warns. She then posted the footage to TikTok and added that she and her one-year-old son are quarantining in a domestic violence survivor shelter.

Domestic violence and poverty can often be a cyclical relationship, survivors often lack resources to leave unsafe situations and those who do leave can wind up back in an abusive home if money runs out. Thus, Smith's predicament is fraught, to say the least. However, people online struggled to have sympathy.

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People blamed the woman for not thinking the order through. 

Although the video received over a whopping 6 million views, Smith did not get the response she was hoping for. Some TikTok users branded her as “cheap” for not having enough money on her, pointing out Domino’s fairly low prices. “Two Domino’s pizzas are $5.99 each,” one user commented. 


Other users called her out for being aware of what her total was, knowing that she did not have enough, and placing the order anyway. “Pretty sure they tell you the total when you order! If you can’t pay don’t order,” another user wrote. “Usually, if you don’t have the money to buy something, you don’t get it,” another user shared. 

Others pointed out that the delivery driver himself would have to make up for the missing money out of his pocket if he accepted the order. “As someone who works in retail, we get people who never have enough money... but we can't just pay for the difference for every single person,” one user revealed. 

Other people suggested Smith spend her $20 on a larger supply of food that would last instead of a Domino’s pizza. “Last 20 and waste it in Domino’s? Use that 20 to get bread peanut butter and jelly. Bam. Solved,” one user recommended. 

In many chain restaurants, the bill must be paid at full price. Even just a few coins short can add up to something greater, causing the restaurant to suffer financially. However, the wider problem at play here is poverty. No one should be without food just because they need 76 cents more to feed their children. 


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