DoorDash Worker Confronts Customer Who 'Put His Job On The Line' After Claiming She Didn't Get Her Food—'I Have 5 Kids'

What she thought would be an easy way to get some free food, was actually a confrontation at her job waiting to happen.

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A man who works for DoorDash was forced to confront one of his customers after the put his livelihood online by abusing a feature that the app offers — practically free refunds.

If you don’t know, the DoorDash app, similar to other food delivery apps, has a way for people to claim that they either didn’t get their order or that their order was wrong. If you choose the former option, you get a full refund on your order, and you don’t even have to submit any kind of proof — not that it would be easy to prove how you didn’t get anything.


This man claims that the woman who ordered food from him did exactly that, making him look bad for the incomplete order and putting his job at risk.

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When the DoorDash driver confronted his customer, she lied about what happened.

Going by Yung Tuci on TikTok (@yungtuci), the DoorDash driver confronted his customer at her place of work — a hospital. The very first thing that viewers will see is an inlaid text caption that will clue everyone in on what’s going on before the confrontation.


“This woman said that her DoorDash never arrived after I delivered it to the hospital she works in full of cameras, so you know I had to go back,” the caption read.



With the camera aimed at his feet for the anonymity of others, the man asks one of the secretaries where he can find “Kris,” asking “Excuse me, is Kris still on the clock?”

Hospitals are big, and there are many people that work inside them, so when the secretary behind the desk tells him that she doesn’t know who that is, it doesn’t come as a complete shock. When she continues to press him in order to help him find who he’s looking for, he cuts the video until the woman, who we think might be Kris, finally arrives.


“So you didn’t get the DoorDash order?” he asks her, immediately jumping into the confrontation. After pausing for some time, she feigns confusion and says “I’m sorry?”

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“You didn’t get the DoorDash order from earlier?” he asks again, pressing her for information. “I’m at work currently and I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she replies.

Pointing at her coworker — the secretary who helped him just moments before — he then says, “She even saw you with the food, I mean, you guys have cameras here. You said the order never arrived.” Continuing with the lies, she says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about but switches to saying that she did no such thing since he now knows she had the food.


He claims that he got a contract violation after she claimed she never got the food.

She continues saying that she doesn’t know what happened, saying that she didn’t do anything, and he even tries to get her to own up to her actions by saying “Were you just trying to get free food and put my job on the line?” But she says, “I didn’t do anything.”

“Okay well, we’re going to have to figure something out because it says that the customer says that the order never arrived and I got a contract violation,” he responds. “I’m an independent contractor so that puts my job at risk.”

He suggests that they call DoorDash support off of her phone, but she continues to refuse, then altering her story and coming up with an excuse for what could have happened.

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She says her DoorDash account is shared and someone else may have done it.

After he tells her that “it doesn’t just randomly happen magically, you have to get ahold of DoorDash support directly to say that the order never arrived,” she then gives him the excuse that she isn’t the only one with access to her account, despite being the one who received the food.

“It’s a shared account, so it might be something that somebody else did accidentally,” she claims. “I would have to talk to them, but I’m currently at work.”

It seems like he had a lot of information hidden from her to try and catch her lying, because he then says that he knows her boyfriend’s name is Kris, so she may have placed the order through his account, but she was still the one who had to claim it never arrived since she had done it on her phone.


“I can’t just give you free food and sweep it under the rug, that’s not how it works. I have a job too, I have five kids I gotta feed,” he says, revealing in some text that he actually doesn’t but he “had to make her feel bad.”

The video cuts off after she continues to say it wasn’t her, but he wrote in the caption that he “had to end up telling her if she doesn't call support before the end of the day and get the violation removed, her job’s on the line next.”

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