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DoorDash Delivery Driver Complains About People Who Pay Cash After Only Receiving A 6 Cent Tip On An Order

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A DoorDash driver is warning other employees from accepting cash orders for a significant reason. She claims that drivers are not able to accumulate as much money in tips if the order is paid for in cash. 

The DoorDash driver, Abby, vented her frustration in a TikTok video that has been viewed over 50,000 times. 

She explains that the DoorDash company allows employees the option to accept cash orders, although online payments are more popular with the app. 

The driver complained about customers who paid for their orders using cash after receiving a 6-cent tip on a pizza order. 

Abby claims that she usually does not accept cash orders herself since she normally does not carry cash. However, during one particular shift, she happened to have some change on her and opted to pick up an order where the customer would be paying with cash. 

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The order from Papa John’s pizzeria was relatively large, with it totaling up to $59.94. 

“DoorDash paid me like two dollars and some change [to deliver this order,]” Abby shares. “I deliver this order in a timely manner, politely… and this guy hands me $60.” 

After completing the delivery, DoorDash deducted $59.94 from her account, leaving her with only six cents as a tip. 

“I knew there was a reason I didn’t ever want to take f–king cash orders,” she says. “F–k you DoorDash, f–k you cash orders, f–k all your bulls–t.” 

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Other DoorDash drivers thanked Abby for putting the warning out there. 

“Messed up! Thanks for this. I was thinking about doing cash orders but not anymore. Be safe out there,” one driver commented. 

“Thank you for this I knew there was a reason I never wanted to do that I appreciate you for this,” another shared. 

Other TikTok users criticized DoorDash for not paying their employees better when it came to cash orders and customers who do not tip their drivers well. 

“DoorDash should pay people they have all these crazy fees. It’s unfair for both customers and workers,” one user pointed out. 

“That is literally f–king illegal I'd be hounding them as much as I could,” another user wrote. 

“As a delivery driver for Domino’s, customers do that s–t all the time. They don’t tip or they tip you less than a dollar,” another user revealed. 

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However, other users believed that Abby had to accept the risk of taking cash orders for DoorDash and that she was not always entitled to a decent tip. 

“This is what's wrong with people today, they all feel 'entitled.' Sometimes you get a good tip and sometimes you get nothing! You don't always deserve a tip,” one user commented. 

“This is how it works, they [DoorDash] even tell you that it’ll deduct it and you work it off. It’s like a loan, read next time,” another user wrote. 

In a follow-up video, Abby clarified that she was frustrated that she did not get tipped well, and was aware of DoorDash’s policies that would not allow her to pocket all of the cash from the order. 

She responded to a comment from a user who misunderstood her anger since she did get paid for the delivery. 



“What I did expect was a tip, and I didn’t get that,” she says. “Their order was $59.94, they tipped me six cents.” 

Abby added that DoorDash drivers are unaware of how large an order is before delivery. “Had I known it was gonna be that much, I wouldn’t have taken it,” she claims. 

“I can b–tch if I want to b–tch.” 

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