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A Mom Explains Why She Confronted Her Son's Bully At School Instead Of Talking To The Little Girl's Parents

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Mom confronts her son's bully

A mother is facing backlash online after she shared a video of herself confronting a little girl who had allegedly been bullying her son. Many people think that her actions were inappropriate and that she handled the situation entirely wrong. 

No parent wants to hear that their child is being bullied, and most of them will go to whatever lengths it takes to fix the problem. Although, many believe that there is such thing as too far when it comes to defending your child. 

The mother approached her son’s bully and threatened to ‘go knock at your parents’ door’ unless she stopped. 

As any mother would be, Bettina Ramirez was shocked and saddened to learn that her son Abraham, who is in fourth grade, was being bullied by one of his classmates. The student had allegedly been spreading rumors that he was gay. The mother was alerted about the bullying by her son’s teacher. 

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 Photo: TikTok

While Ramirez certainly had the right to be upset on behalf of her son, many were shocked by how she handled the situation. The angry mother entered the school grounds and confronted the little girl in the cafeteria. 

She recorded the entire interaction in a video she posted to TikTok. "I'm Abraham's mom and he's been telling me that you've been bullying him,” she says to the little girl. "And I'd like to ask you to stop." 

The little girl, whose face is concealed in the video, appears somewhat uncomfortable as she carries her lunch tray. “Do not mess with my son do you understand me?" the mother continues. "I'm not playing. The next time that he tells me that you're bullying him, I will go knock at your parents' door.” 



Some parents commended Ramirez for her actions defending her son. 

“You did NOTHING wrong and props to you mama!!” one user commented.

“I think you did good, nowadays kids don’t respect their parents but they will listen when others tell them,” another user wrote. “Protect your child at all costs!” another added. 

However, others believed that Ramirez crossed a major line by approaching a young child instead of her parents. 

“Ruthless to speak to her and not the parents. If someone came up to my kid and not me I would lose it,” one user shared. “I can’t believe a grown adult would go up to a child like that,” another user wrote. “You should’ve gotten the principal involved and made him set up a meeting with her parents. NEVER go up to a child without their parent or teacher,” another user pointed out. 

Ramirez posted a follow-up video, explaining why she did not talk to the little girl’s parents beforehand. 

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Although her son’s teacher was not allowed to disclose any personal information regarding the student, Ramirex asked her son for the bully’s name. She asked other parents if they knew who the little girl’s parents were so she could contact them. While they did not know either, they claimed that their children had also been the victims of the girl’s bullying. 

“I do not have time to stand around after school and try to look for this child among a thousand other kids to try and talk to her parents,” Ramirez says. Additionally, she claims that the girl’s mother was “already aware” that her daughter was bullying her classmates, according to the teacher. Her mother was allegedly doing nothing to put a stop to the girl’s behavior. “I’m not even sure what good talking to her parents would have done.” 

Ramirez also addressed those who believed that her son should have defended himself against the bully so that she didn’t have to. “My son knows better than to mistreat little girls,” she says. “He’s not going to put his hands on a little girl.” She goes on to say that her son is a “sweetheart” who is “nice to everybody” and did not deserve the bullying he was subjected to. 

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As for why Ramirez recorded her confrontation with the little girl, she argues that it was for her own protection. “I did not need this little girl going to the school or her parents and trying to lie or exaggerate anything that I told her,” the mother says. 

In a second-follow up video, Ramirez clarifies that she did not trespass on school grounds to confront the little girl. She says she had dropped by the school to have lunch with her children in the cafeteria when she happened to spot the little girl. Her son confirmed that she was the bully. 

Ramirez also detailed her relentless search to find the girl’s parents before she confronted her, including sending a message to a private parents' Facebook group, specifying the name of her son’s school, grade, and teacher.

 Photo: TikTok

Ramirez also has another message for the little girl who was bullying her son. “I hope that she takes this experience and I hope that it prevents her from doing this to other children.” 

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