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Mom Says She 'Can't Relate' To Women Who Need Time Away From Their Kids Because She's 'Obsessed' With Hers

Photo: TikTok
Amanda Melrose

A mother is facing criticism after saying she never wants to spend time without her children and doesn't understand other women who need to take time for themselves.

In a TikTok video, Amanda Melrose, a mother of a twin boy and girl, claimed that she doesn't want to part from her children because she's "obsessed" with them, but others are pointing out that such a thing isn't healthy for both children and parents.

Melrose said that she 'can't relate' to women who need time away from their kids.

In Melrose's video, the mom-of-two acknowledged that not everyone would agree with her stance on how much time a parent should spend with their children.

"I don't relate to women who need time away from their kids. I'm obsessed with mine and if they can't go, I'm not coming," Melrose wrote in overlay text as she danced with her toddler son.

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The video garnered instant criticism from other viewers, and in a follow-up video, Melrose explained that she doesn't spend "every single solitary second of the day" with her children, but acknowledged that she doesn't really ask for breaks from them.

"I'm not the type of person to need breaks and ask for breaks, and I think that's fine," she admitted. "I really like being around my kids, and maybe the things I like to do are just boring."

Melrose continued, saying that the videos she posts on her account don't have anything to do with the "funny side of parenting" or the "real side," but rather to show the benefits of "respectful parenting."

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While it's normal for mothers to feel connected to their children and want to spend time with them, it's also important for parents to take time away from their children.

Children need to know that their parents are individuals with their own unique needs and interests.

By allowing time away from their children, parents are setting a good example of the importance of self-care, and by doing that, their children will grow up and implement those same practices when they are adults.

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TikTok users pointed out that taking breaks from your children is an important part of being a parent.

"Moms who get overwhelmed already feel guilt and don’t need to now feel like they don’t like their kids cause they need a break. That’s all," one user wrote.

Another user added, "I love my daughter. I love being with my daughter. She is practically my favorite human. But Lord yes, I need a break sometimes."

"I am obsessed with my kid but also want to keep dating my husband. So yeah... We can take a night or two off every now and then," a third user joked.

However, other users found nothing wrong with Melrose's proclamation and even praised her for being honest.

"I enjoy my kids as people & hanging out with them. We’re homebodies. We all like being home together," a fourth user chimed in.

Another wrote, "It’s ok [if] some people’s identity is only being a mom, if that is what you like don’t let people make you feel bad for it."

"It is okay to feel this way but it’s also okay to need a night out. Neither is wrong. Go forward in love and compassion," a following user remarked.

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