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Moms Are Opening Up About What Happened In Their Relationships After Having A Baby & It's Putting People Off Kids

Photo: TikTok.

Moms on TikTok are talking about how their relationships changed after they had babies, and it’s making other people on the internet question whether or not they want kids.

In a trend of posting what their relationship was like before and after having a baby, moms of TikTok are getting real about how having a baby changed their lives, for better or worse.

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A TikTok trend has moms comparing their relationship to a popular 'Euphoria' scene.

TikTok user The Nancy Clancy Show claims that her online presence is “parenting at its finest, here to make you feel not alone.”

She posted a video in which she explained the differences in her relationship with her husband before and after she had a baby.



The post opens with footage of her and her husband at the hospital, along with the phrase “before baby came.”

Both are smiling and laughing before giving birth. She and her husband look excited and happy to be together and are clearly looking forward to the arrival of their new baby.

The post cuts to the phrase “Our relationship after,” posted over footage of a scene from the HBO show "Euphoria."

The scene explaining what their post-baby relationship looks like is the scene in which Nate Jacobs pushes past Cassie Howard in the hallway, ignoring her completely as she looks crestfallen.

Nancy’s caption reads “This should be talked about more. We are good. It’s just very hard with a little one.”

Other moms on TikTok have posted similar videos, including the same scene from Euphoria to describe their relationships after they’ve had a baby.

TikToker Ash posted a photograph of her and her husband on their wedding day, along with the caption “Why aren’t y’all going to have another baby? Your son needs a sibling.”



Ash then posts the "Euphoria" footage of Nate shoving Cassie aside with the caption “our relationship after we had him.”

Ash writes, “This really isn’t talked about enough. The depression, anxiety, the mental and physical struggles after having a kid. It truly tests a relationship.”

She continues, “Thanking God we got back to a good place, but it’s hard. I can relate heavily to all the moms posting this.”

Ash utilized the hashtags #mentalhealth and #relationshipstruggles beneath her post.

A user who goes by the name She’s A Mom Now made her own version of the before and after baby video, featuring happy photos of her and her partner, alongside the Euphoria scene.



She noted, “sadly, we didn’t make it. No one talks about what having a baby does to your relationship.”

Many childless commenters claimed that these posts made them scared to have children.

Other commenters who have children of their own empathized with the posts.

One user commented that she and her partner “spend no time together anymore it seems and we parent differently which makes it hard.”

TikTok user Leyton posted a response video, in which she posted footage of her family with the caption “why do you want to have another baby already?”

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She writes “marriage is hard work after a baby, but so glad we figured it out.”

Multiple users responded to her post by claiming that the other versions posted are full of “negativity” which has them feeling “nervous” and “horrified.”

Every family functions differently. Having a baby irrevocably changes a romantic relationship, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

But no matter how having a baby changes a relationship, it’s heartening to see moms speaking their truth, even if their level of honesty makes others feel uncomfortable. 

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