Man Shares The 'Yes Present' He Got His Fiancée In Addition To Her Engagement Ring & Other Women Want Their Partners To Do The Same

She's one lucky bride-to-be.

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TikTok user Victoria Palacio had no idea that her fiancée had a surprise in store on one special day.

In addition to his actual proposal, he decided that he would do something special for the woman who would accept being with him for the rest of their life.

Victoria's fiancé gave her a 'yes present,' an extra gift aside from her diamond ring, for saying 'yes' to their engagement.

“After we got engaged, I ordered you what I call a ‘yes present,’” Victoria’s fiancé says while filming her sitting on the couch with her computer.


“So because you said yes, even though you got a nice ring and everything, I still want to get you a present for saying yes.”

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“I ordered you a present, and now it’s here,” says her fiancé, showing Victoria a package from the mail.


“I can’t wait to give it to you because it’s your ‘yes present,’” he says. “It’s also what I want you to wear on Valentine’s Day for where we go.”

Victoria laughs giddily and then proceeds to open the envelope.

“Oh, my god,” Victoria exclaims excitedly, hugging the gift to her chest.

He gifted her a light pink dress from the fashion line Selkie.

“This is called the Lickety Split Vacation Dress,” her fiancé tells her as she unfolds the dress.

“It’s a little short,” Victoria replies, holding the dress up to her body.

“That’s the point,” her fiance says. “It’s a short one.”

“I love it,” Victoria says.


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Victoria posted a follow-up video of herself wearing the dress, along with the caption 'make "YES" presents a thing.'

She posted another video of herself in the light pink, ruffled dress, saying she’s “so shocked by how much attention my last video is getting over my fiancé buying me a ‘yes present’ after he proposed with this beautiful ring.”

“We’ve been engaged for over a month now,” Victoria says. “He surprised me with this Selkie, from their Valentine's Day collection.”



She goes on to share that while she doesn’t know what his plans are for Valentine's Day, she’ll be wearing the dress he gifted her.


The newly-engaged couple and their concept of the “yes present” have inspired other women to want their partners to do the same.



A majority of the comments on Victoria’s TikTok posts were from women expressing their desire for their partners to give them a yes present, no matter how long they’ve been together.

One commenter wrote, “be right back, going to ask my fiancé for my yes present.”


“Let’s start the trend!” Victoria responded.

Another user jokingly commented, “I asked my husband if I could have my ‘yes present’ and he said there’s a statute of limitations.”

“This is the cutest thing ever,” wrote another commenter.


Victoria and her fiancé have that newly-engaged glow, and they’re clearly quite happy together.

It could be argued that the idea of a “yes present” is not only prohibitive income-wise but that it also adheres to rigid ideas around gender roles and plays into the problematic intersection of the bridal industrial complex with compulsory heterosexuality. 

Regardless of how one views the idea of a “yes present,” this happily-engaged couple deserves a bright, fulfilling future together.

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