Mother Of 'Mama's Boy' Groom Wears An Actual Wedding Dress To Her Son's Wedding

The mother-of-the-groom also wore a wedding dress.

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A bride on her wedding day should feel especially beautiful, like she’s the main focus of the celebration.

But one bride realized she wasn’t the main attraction at her own wedding, when her mother-in-law wore a dress that was suspiciously similar to her own. 

The mother-of-the-groom wore an actual wedding dress to the wedding.

TikTok user Jasmine Hopper posted multiple videos detailing how her mother-in-law wore the same dress as she did on her wedding day. 


Jasmine’s original post includes a photograph of herself, her husband, and her mother-in-law on the day of their wedding. Her mother-in-law’s face is covered with a clown emoji, but her outfit is clearly visible.

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The text on the TikTok post reads “MIL shows up to our wedding wearing a literal wedding gown.”

The style of the dress the mother-of-the-groom wore is almost exactly the same as the dress the bride wore, though the bride chose not to edit the photos of the wedding.


Both dresses are made of white lace, with a low-cut front. The bride wore a veil and held a bouquet, while the mother-of-the-groom wore a corsage on her wrist.

The original post has over 1 million likes and includes the hashtags #boymom, #toxicmil, and #milwearingwhite.

Many commenters on the original post claimed that the fact that Jasmine’s mother-in-law attended her own son’s wedding in a white dress was a red flag.

Jasmine posted multiple follow-up videos, in an effort to explain her wedding-day debacle. She explained that her husband has “been through a lot, he has learned a lot, and he has grown a lot.”

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She clarified that her husband “grew up in a really codependent relationship with an immature parent, and he’s an only child.”

She went on to say that her husband has since “cut [his mother] off,” a decision he made “for himself.”

“He was so sick of her crazy antics and ‘poor me’ mentality.”


“I promise, he’s a good guy in this,” Jasmine said. “He’s growing himself, and he’s fixing his trauma.”

In addressing her mother-in-law’s outfit choice for her wedding day, Jasmine stated that the two went wedding dress shopping together. 

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Jasmine chose a “mermaid-style, lace, sequined-style gown.”


She further explained that she’s “lost 100 pounds” and “wanted to look beautiful on my wedding day.”

Jasmine explained her initial disbelief when her mother-law “showed up wearing practically the same dress I was wearing.”

“I really had no reaction other than, ‘Huh, maybe she shouldn’t be wearing that, that’s weird.’”

Jasmine’s sister jokingly asked if she wanted her to “go spill some wine on her.” 

But Jasmine responded that she “didn’t want to cause any problems right now, this is my day. I’ve been looking forward to this for so freaking long.”

“I want to feel good, and I want to look good,” Jasmine said. “It didn’t hit me until the next day, what happened.”


Jasmine claimed that she didn’t realize the extent of her mother-in-law’s poor behavior until she was looking through the photos of her wedding, and everything clicked into place.

She said that she didn’t blame her husband for not noticing his mom’s outfit, either, because “both of us were oblivious to what was going on.”

“I can’t even put into words how embarrassed I am now,” Jasmine said, even though there is no need for her to harbor any shame.

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“That my mother-in-law wore the same dress as me on my wedding day hurts my soul,” Jasmine admitted. 

“It ruined my whole day. It ruined all the pictures on my day.”


“That I stood next to [her] in pictures, and looked like a f—ing idiot. It’s so embarrassing.”

Jasmine’s emotions recalling the event make it clear that she has unresolved trauma surrounding how her wedding day played out.

Jasmine posted that she and her husband explained to her mother-in-law why they were both so upset about the dress, which was one of the reasons they’d decided to cut her off.

“She sent me a very nice text and apologized, and I thought she meant it. I wanted things to be okay, for the sake of her being my child’s grandmother,” Jasmine said.

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“So, apology accepted, let’s move on,” she stated.

Two months later, Jasmine’s mother-in-law sent out a Christmas card with a photo from the wedding, featuring the two women “both in our wedding dresses.”


“This is what I was upset about,” Jasmine said, explaining how the Christmas card reopened the original wound that she’d felt so hurt by.

“She had no idea that we were upset with her about the dress,” Jasmine said. “And that’s when she tried to gaslight us, and tell us that it was a cream-colored, gold-sequined dress.”

“She continued to plead ignorance, and that she didn’t realize she was doing anything wrong.”

“The fact is, both my husband and I were oblivious to what she was wearing,” Jasmine explained, defending her husband against commenter’s claims that he was showing “red flags” by not kicking his mom out of the wedding.


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“We were so focused on it being our wedding day and wanting to have a good time, and we’re in love with each other, that what she was wearing didn't phase us” at the time.

Upon reflecting on the day further, Jasmine and her husband grew more upset.


“You don’t know how you’ll react until you’re put into a crazy situation,” read the caption on one of Jasmine’s posts.

For what it’s worth, Jasmine seems to be moving through the painful experience, and both she and her husband are establishing boundaries around their interactions with her mother-in-law.

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