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'For What?' Man Complains After Being Prompted To Tip 20% For Takeout Pizza Order

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Tipping culture in the United States varies greatly from other countries where workers are paid a fair wage.

Instead, it falls on customers in the US to make up for the shortcomings of our government and employers who don't fairly compensate workers.

That being said, there are times when a large tip seems a little excessive and disproportionate to the service received.

That issue is what prompted one TikTok user @thejmancomesquick to post a video of himself complaining after an awkward encounter at a pizza restaurant.

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He was asked to tip 20% for takeout pizza.

“What is with everyone thinking they deserve a tip now?” He questioned. 

The man detailed his takeout pizza saga, saying that he first called the restaurant to place an order for pick-up.



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After the employee at the pizza place told him he couldn’t place his order over the phone, he was directed to the restaurant's website.

“I went to the website, I put in my own order—I entered my own order—and then when it came time to check out for me to place my own order, and then go pick it up, they were like, would you like to leave a 20% tip? For what?” the man exclaimed. 

“What did you do?” The man continued, incredulous.

“20% is for when people like, come to your table, and they wait on you, and they pick things up and they bring you things."

"20%, what did you do? Directed me to your website?” The man complained when asked to tip for his pizza. 

“It’s crazy,” he ended the video, which utilized the hashtags #tipyourserver, #tipculture and #justthetip.

His TikTok post received over 13,000 likes and 2,068 comments.

Most commenters agreed with him, as one person said, “Tipping is out of control in this country. For the record, I do tip even on to-go orders but I still think it's out of control.”

“I stopped tipping a long time ago. If everybody did it would make them pay livable wages to their employees instead of trying to get us to cover it,” stated another somewhat misguided commenter.

“Big corporations don’t want to pay their employees enough so they expect tips to help after already inflated prices,” said a different user.

Another person commented that “I don’t feel bad about not tipping. Unless I’m in a sit-down restaurant. With actual wait staff.”

Yet another user showed the other side of the argument, commenting that the ask for a tip is “a polite suggestion not a demand. We make $11 an hour to not only make pizzas but to take complaints, be screamed at by customers.”

The next commenter agreed, stating "It’s not the workers it’s the businesses not wanting to pay their employees. Most servers do rely on tips, but how do we change that?!”

While the outrage that the TikToker has over tipping may seem warranted, the true issue seems clear– people working in food service are barely making a living wage. 

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