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Hooters Waitress Shares How Much She Makes In Tips In One Day — And It's More Than What Some Engineers Make

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Hooters waitress, TikTok

Have you ever wondered how much servers accumulate in tip money?

No establishment is the same and tips will vary depending on price and service satisfaction.

However, one waitress gave TikTok viewers a glimpse of how much tip money she receives from customers during a shift, and she reportedly earns more than some do as an engineer.

The Hooters waitress shares that she earns over $300 in tips during an eight-hour shift. 

Leah Fennelly, a law student and a waitress in a Florida Hooters restaurant, took to TikTok to reveal her impressive earnings during a full day at work.

In a video that has been viewed over 16 million times and gained nearly 2 million likes, Fennelly takes us along with her on her shift.

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“Hey guys, I’m working at Hooters today, my shift is from 12 pm-8 pm on a Thursday, so I’m gonna show you what I make in a day,” she says.

Over her first three tables of the shift, Fennelly earned all cash tips of $3, $7, and $8 along with change.

A couple of hours later, she served three more tables who tipped her $6, $14, and $23 all in cash.

When Fennelly was halfway through her shift, she had earned another $6, $5, $4, $50, and $31 from a customer who asked for her number

By the time the morning shift wrapped up, Fennelly was tipped another $20 and $7.

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Later in the day, she learned that one of her customers was a Hall of Fame baseball pitcher.

“I didn’t realize I’m serving a Hall of Fame pitcher for a baseball team so I’ll let you guys know how much he tips me!” she says.

Fennelly reports that other customers were approaching the table and asking for photos and autographs when she came to the realization.

She wound up receiving a $7 tip from the baseball player and an additional $10 from another table.

By the time Fennelly’s shift ends at 8 pm, she displays her final tip earnings of the shift, which were $38, $10, $5, $5, $12, $17 and $5. 

The next morning, she combines all of her tip money to calculate the total, which comes out to a whopping $238

Additionally, one of Fennelly’s regulars sent her an extra $100 through CashApp.

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TikTok users were shocked by how much Fennelly made just off of tips. 

“I’m an engineer and she makes more than me,” one user commented.

“You made most of my paycheck for the week,” another user shared.

“So you make more in a day than most people do then,” another added.

Others suggested that Fennelly was tipped well due to her physical appearance.

“The beauty of being hot,” one user commented. “I bet all those tips were from guys,” another user speculated.

“I bet you make a lot. I already want to Venmo you my life’s savings and I don’t even know you,” another user shared.

In the United States, servers earn a median average of $100 in tips per shift.

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