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Flight Attendant Tells Passenger She Has A 'Stupid Face' & Reprimands Her For Using A First-Class Overhead Bin

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A plane passenger was promised compensation following an unsettling incident involving a flight attendant shortly before taking off. 

When months went by and the airline company did not deliver compensation, the passenger decided to post the video he recorded of the incident on social media. 

The video shows an alleged Delta Airlines employee insulting a passenger.

The video depicts a flight attendant getting snippy with passengers after telling one of them she had a ‘stupid face’ after they placed their luggage in the first-class overhead bin. 

Thomas Todd and his wife Jen were departing on a Delta airlines flight from Orlando to La Guardia, New York in November 2022. 

Upon boarding their flight, they realized that there was no space in the overhead bin above their seats, which was one row behind first class. When they discovered some space in the first-class overhead bin in front of them, the couple decided to utilize it and place their bags there. 

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However, a flight attendant came around and informed the Todds that first-class overhead bins were reserved for first-class passengers only. She instructed them to place their bags underneath the seat in front of them. 

Although their bags did not fit underneath the seats, and the Todds had paid for comfort plus seating for extra legroom. 

This is allegedly where the conflict began. “Now the safety video is about to play. She stands right in front of us and I’m not looking up at her so she says very rude for me to watch the video and I might learn something,” Thomas said in an interview with View From The Wing.

“So I pointed out that I was indeed watching the tv in front of me to the left.” 

The flight attendant then began verbally insulting Jen. 

“So then she looks at Jen and says don’t look at me with that stupid face,” Thomas shares.  “Jen looks at her and asks her what she just said and then the lady says that she is from the Bronx and you don’t want this. The only thing Jen was doing is smiling.” 

This is when Thomas took out his phone and started to film the flight attendant.

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“I will turn this plane back and get you off,” the attendant is heard saying to the couple. “Don’t push my buttons.” 

When Thomas informs her that she is on camera, she replies that she “doesn’t care” and that he is “being rude.” 

Before departure, Thomas claims that he and his wife were kicked off of the flight. 

The flight attendant reportedly felt “unsafe” flying with them and had them removed. 

The Todds were rebooked on a flight to Atlanta that had a connecting flight to La Guardia. They were upgraded to first class. 

When customer service promised the couple compensation for their flights but failed to deliver, Thomas posted the video of the incident to his Twitter account. Delta asked him to remove the video while they working out compensation. 

However, after two months passed with no word from them, Thomas reposted the video. 

“This out-of-control flight attendant verbally assaulted, threatened us, and had us wrongly removed from our flight back in November,” he captioned the video. 

“Delta asked us to remove all posts so they could take care of us. It’s been almost 2 months since Kenneth Jabonski has responded to us. We did everything they ask and all we got in return is ‘we appreciate your patience’ and them dragging their feet. @Delta it’s time to do the right thing!” 

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A Delta spokesperson issued a statement following the incident.

“We apologize for the delay in travel for all customers on flight 1260 from Orlando to LaGuardia on Nov. 7, 2022, after the flight crew made the decision to deplane some customers shortly after departure,” they wrote.

“Those customers were rebooked on another Delta flight and we’ve been in contact with this party to further apologies and compensation.” 

Some social media users believed that there was more to the story. 

“I bet you anything that there’s more to the story, leading up to their boarding, complaining about no overhead bins,” one Twitter user speculated. 

“I bet you they knew what they were doing and they filmed it at the precise moment that they knew they would get a response out of the flight attendant,” another wrote. 

Others were disgusted by the flight attendant’s behavior. 

“One more reason not to drop the extra money for Delta. What an embarrassment,” one Twitter user commented. 

“One day that lady will run into the wrong people with her attitude and it won’t end well,” another user added. 

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