Woman Catches Plane Passenger Calling Her 'Hostile' In An Email After She Reminded Her About Safety Procedure

She even brought Serena Williams into it.

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We experience uncomfortable situations with rude people from time to time. 

However, one moment between a woman and a fellow plane passenger might take the cake after the woman caught her sending a raging email to someone that was directed at her. 

The passenger sent an email calling the woman  'hostile' after she politely reminded her to put her bag under the seat until takeoff. 

In a 10-minute long TikTok video, the woman, Crizzy, discreetly records her fellow passenger typing the email in what she calls her “first racist encounter.” 


The email subject reads “Plane” and contains numerous insults about the woman and her sister whom she is traveling with seated beside the passenger. 

“I am looking out the window. Other two seats are taken by two very large, dolled-up black ladies, one of whom is extremely hostile,” the alarming message reads that the passenger is seen typing at a snail's pace in a ridiculously large font. 

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“She makes Serena Williams look like Twiggy. I am being very pleasant just to annoy her.” 


Crizzy was confused since she claims that her interactions with the passenger up until that point had been pleasant and neutral. 

Before the flight had taken off, an attendant came around and asked the passenger to put her bag under the seat until the plane was in the air. 

When the passenger was unable to hear the instructions, Crizzy pointed to her bag and gently passed on the message. 

The nasty email did not end there. In a follow-up video, the passenger continues to complain about her seating arrangement and reveals her plot to be moved to a different section of the plane.  

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“If I need to use a washroom, I am going to pretend I am really crippled and ask a steward to help me find another seat.” 

Crizzy and her sister could not believe what they were seeing. “This lady has got to be f–king with us,” she can be heard saying. 

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TikTokers were disgusted by the rude’s passenger’s comments. 

“I’m so sorry that you had to deal with such an ignorant idiot,” one user commented. 

“We don’t claim her babe, I’m so sorry you had to endure this!” another user wrote. 

“Why is she bringing Serena into it?” another user added. 

Crizzy explained the entire situation in a follow-up video, claiming that she had no issues with the passenger until this message. 

She says that when she and her sister boarded the flight from Grand Caymen to Canada, an older woman was already seated in their row. 

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After Crizzy repeated the flight attendant’s instructions to her, the woman thanked her and did not appear to be bothered. 

However, once the flight took off, she noticed that the woman had turned her body at an angle where she could see her phone screen, and she realized that the message was typing was about her. 


“My eyes don’t miss anything,” Crizzy says. She passed her phone to her sister, who was sitting next to the woman and asked her to record her. 

“I was at a loss for words,” she adds. “This was the first time this ever happened.” 

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