A Man Proposed To His Girlfriend At His Brother's Wedding —So His Brother Framed Him For Cheating

His brother broke the unspoken wedding rule.

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In this day and age, it is an unspoken rule to refrain from proposing to your partner at a wedding. It is the bride and groom’s day, not yours. 

Although, some people still can not seem to grasp that concept. 

One man discovered that his brother was planning on proposing to his girlfriend during his wedding. After his efforts of attempting to stop him failed, the man decided to get the ultimate revenge on his inconsiderate brother. 


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The man framed his brother for cheating on his girlfriend by hiring another woman to act as his mistress at his wedding. 

Sharing his story to the subreddit thread, r/pettyrevenge, the 35-year-old groom revealed how he arranged and deployed his plan after his 29-year-old brother proposed to his girlfriend at his wedding. 

The man began his post by revealing that his parents have always favored his younger brother, Todd, over him and his 32-year-old sister Abby due to his birth complications that landed him in the NICU for a month. 


“My parents have always doted on him and almost denied him nothing, even if it was to the detriment of my sister and me,” he shared.

“My brother drinks in on the attention and has on more than one occasion made himself the center of attention at either my, my sister's, or a cousin's special event.” 

Todd’s girlfriend Lucy even announced her pregnancy during Abby’s baby shower. 

Due to this, the man and his sister have a strained relationship with Todd and their parents. 

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He revealed that he was engaged to his fiancé Michelle and the two planned on having a wedding ceremony and reception involving both of their families. 


While preparing for the big day, the man’s best man noticed something peculiar in Todd’s jacket pocket after he was asked to be a groomsman. 

“My best man Jim noticed a receipt from a jewelry store slipped out of Todd's pocket,” he wrote. “Jim confronted Todd about this which led to an argument.” 

The man and Jim were able to piece together that Todd was planning on proposing to Lucy at his brother’s wedding. Upon learning this, he told his brother that he was no longer allowed to be a groomsman. 

Todd complained to his parents who then confronted their eldest son about his decision.

“In my parents' eyes, since Todd never admitted that he was going to propose to Lucy at my wedding I was unfairly judging him,” the man wrote. 


However, when he brought up Todd’s past behavior at family events, his parents attempted to convince him not to propose at his brother’s wedding. 

“This wasn't enough to convince me to let him be a groomsman but I warned him that if, as a guest, he'd try anything I would make him regret it,” he admitted. 

Sure enough, during the man’s wedding, Todd proposed to Lucy.

“Fast forward to the wedding and surprise surprise Todd walked over to Lucy and proposed to her during Michelle's father-daughter dance and did it in a way so that EVERYONE would notice,” he shared. 

Luckily, the man assumed this would happen and he and his best man formulated a revenge plan that followed immediately after the proposal. 


“Jim and I had hired a woman to pretend to be Todd's side piece who cornered Todd and Lucy and claimed that she was pregnant with his baby,” he wrote.

“Todd denied this but when she called his phone, I gave her his number and messed with Todd's phone to incriminate him, it didn't look good.” 

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Lucy threw the ring back in Todd’s face and fled the reception in tears. 

“When Todd saw the smile on my face he knew that it was me and I didn't respond to a single call/text from him or my parents until after the honeymoon,” the man claimed, 

He added that since the wedding, Lucy has thrown all of Todd’s belongings out of their home and is denying him access to their child. 


“Todd is furious and is demanding that I clear his name,” he wrote. “I sent him a text saying that I had no idea what he was talking about as well as a screenshot of a bill for the wedding and gave a vague message demanding reimbursement for half of the wedding costs.” 

The man shared that he obtained his wife’s permission before pulling off the prank, which she believed was justified after her father-daughter dance was interrupted. 

However, he admits that his sister Abby believes that he took his revenge too far. 

Most Reddit users praised the man for his revenge. 

“DURING THE FATHER-DAUGHTER DANCE?!? That’s insane… I love what you did. May be time to go no contact instead of low contact,” one user wrote. “You have your new family now.” 


“I don't feel bad for him in the slightest. Weddings are expensive and take a ton of planning and even more stress to try and make a perfect day,” another user pointed out. “To intentionally go out of his way to impede on that, he deserves this result 100%.”

“If someone tried that during my wife's father-daughter dance, I'm pretty sure the person would have found their way to the middle of the desert without a canteen,” another user added. 

However, other users expressed their sympathies for Todd and Lucy’s child, who did not deserve to be punished for his parents' actions. 

“I feel sorry for the kid in the sense of his Dad f–king around and finding out, and I hope it comes better for him, but Todd and Lucy can go and get stuffed,” one user wrote. 


“I just feel bad for the fact that Lucy is denying Todd visits with his child. I don’t think the kids shouldn’t suffer,” another user commented. 

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