Man Criticized For 'Patronizing' Server After Filming Himself Giving A 200% Tip

Kind acts don't always need to be posted online but maybe the man was just trying to inspire others.

Man tipping waiter TikTok

The debate surrounding genuine acts of kindness being posted online for "clout," or popularity, continues after a man recorded himself leaving his waiter a hefty tip.

King Khang, who makes videos explaining how he became a millionaire after dropping out of high school, is facing backlash for posting an act of kindness he committed to TikTok. He claims he “loves doing this” to make someone’s day, but many think that it is patronizing to leave the kind of tip he did if you record it to show the world how generous you are.


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He tells the waiter to swipe the tip option 'as far as it goes' and gave him a 200% tip.

In the video, Khang eagerly encourages the Olive Garden waiter to select his own tip on the restaurant payment tablet, telling him to choose one “as far as it goes.” 

“Boom. 200%,” Khang says after his waiter chooses the maximum dollar amount.



After the transaction goes through, the woman filming the interaction tells the waiter “you got a hundred dollars for [a] tip.” Khang chimes in to say “$93.26.” 


The waiter gives a thumbs up to the camera and in unenthusiastic disbelief asks “are you for real?” Khang’s date — who wasn’t the one who paid — tells him “I am for real.” It doesn’t stop there. After the waiter thanks them for the lavish tip, Khang says “Complete. Absolutely.”

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Khang’s video received backlash from viewers, who thought it was patronizing for him to film the waiter.

While some sided with Khang — with one person pointing out that commenters leaving hate on his video had probably never paid over 20% for a tip — most condemned him for flexing his wealth in such an ingenuine way.

“Y’all did not need to post this and you didn’t need to repeat it 4 times at the table like you are gods or something,” one user wrote.


Another user added, “As a server, how condescending. Making him swipe for his tip like a dog working for a treat while you film it?! It’s degrading and you’re not a hero.”

“This is ridiculous it’s like you’re forcing them to be grateful. They don’t owe you anything,” a third user chimes in.

Other users defended Khang, claiming that in today’s world, people will find a way to hate anything.

Don’t tip, get shamed, tip very well, get shamed. This generation is the dumbest of all. So what he films it, everything is filmed now,” a fourth user remarked, to which another replied, “People love to act like servers are zoo animals, they aren’t they are human, do something nice and don’t film it for millions of people.”


While it's true that most servers and many service workers make most of their money off of tips, filming them and making them play a little game in order to win that money isn't sending the right idea.

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