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Man Calls His Server 'Entitled' After She Told Him To Keep His 8% Tip When He Claimed She 'Didn't Do Much'

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Tipping is one of the most debatable subjects when it comes to customer service. While the average tip for exemplary service in the United States is about 20%, it can fall to as low as 6% when the service is subpar.

With tip demands being placed on consumers for more services than ever, workers are starting to expect or even demand the amount they believe they deserve.

One TikToker who goes by ‘Simp’ shared a video captioned ‘When your waitress feels entitled’ of how a waitress reacted to what she considered a low tip for the service she had provided.

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The customer gave his server and low tip and recorded her reaction.

The whole situation seemed to be a set up by the TikToker, with the intention of upsetting the server and sharing her reaction.

From the beginning, it appeared that the TikToker set his tip percentage low enough to know the server would take offense. As she marched up to his table with the receipt book in hand, he said, “Here she is.”

The visibly annoyed woman immediately shot, “Sir, this is only an 8% tip. Was everything okay?”

The TikToker replied, “Yeah, it was alright,” leaving her with a confused and irritated look on her face.



The waitress, still seemingly shocked by the implied lack of gratitude for the work she had put in, continued to question the 8% gratuity.

Finally, he explained, “You didn’t really do much, and I had to do all the eating so… whatever.”

Incensed by his response, the server told the man, “Keep your 8%,” before dropping the receipt book to the table and storming off.

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Commenters took issue with how the server responded and lambasted the U.S. tipping system.

The responses to the video were filled with people who explained that tipping is optional and based on the service provided. The general consensus was that customers should only be obligated to pay for their meals.

Comments such as “The tipping system in the States is dreadful,” “Tipping in America is a major issue. Don’t see it from any other country,” and “Glad I'm in the UK where we don't do tipping,” illustrated the cultural differences in the expectations placed on customers.  

How customers tip around the globe varies based on location. Countries like the U.S. and Canada have similar 15-20% tipping practices, while the standard tip in South American countries ranges from 10-15%.

Places like Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and the Netherlands include a ‘sit-down’ charge or gratuity in their pricing to avoid that conflict and politics surrounding tips.

Many European places such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany don’t have a culture of tipping, so leave the practice totally up to the customer’s discretion.

Even among the users on TikTok, there are big differences in opinion about whether to tip or not to tip. One person said, “I'd be ok with no tipping on one condition. Tell your server when you sit down that there will be no tip. You'll get the service you deserve.”

But a man named Jay captured the sentiments of many, saying, “Tipping has gotten out of hand, but waitress and waiter are the only people I’m tipping, I’m not tipping the Starbucks or McDonald’s workers.”

So, it seems the debate will continue, but in this case, it seems the customer didn’t act in good faith from the beginning and the server’s confrontational demeanor didn’t make matters any better.

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