TikToker Mads Lewis Appears To Come Forward As One Of Tayler Holder’s Alleged Assault Survivors

She claims the allegations against him are all true.

Mads Lewis, Tayler Holder Instagram

Fans believe that TikToker Mads Lewis might have revealed that she is one of the victims that accused fellow social media influencer Tayler Holder of sexual assault.

Lewis, 19, appeared on a recent episode of the "BFFs" podcast with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Bri Chickenfry, where she discussed the allegations previously made against Holder.

While talking about her tumultuous relationship with influencer Charly Jordan, who had also been Holder's on-again-off-again girlfriend, Lewis expressed her confusion on how Jordan could potentially get back together with Holder after “everything that’s happened in the last few years."


What happened between Tayler Holder and Mads Lewis?

Lewis hinted that she was one of Holder's alleged sexual assault victims and stated that she believes the allegations against him to be true.

"I'm just gonna say for me if I'm saying something on social media, I'm telling the truth," Lewis said, referring to the rumors. Portnoy then asked Lewis if that meant that all of the allegations that had come to light about Holder were true, to which Lewis replied, "Yes."

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Lewis continued, saying that she hadn't gotten a "cease and desist" letter from Holder, unlike other people who tried to speak about the allegations. 


"Also, hypothetically, if you think about it when there's one person and there's 'victims,' you cannot email or text the victim a cease and desist. You're not allowed to do that," Lewis added. "So I'm just saying, I didn't get a cease and desist."

Immediately after the episode went live, fans started speculating that Lewis had been trying to say she was one of the victims who'd accused Holder of sexual assault.

It only seemed to heighten after people noticed that some of Lewis' friends, including Tiktokers Amanda Diaz and Markell Washington, had alluded to something happening between Holder and Lewis.

"I'm really glad she hypothetically spoke up," Diaz commented under a TikTok clip of Lewis speaking about Holder. "My heart goes out to you Mads."


"I'm sorry [Mads]," Washington also commented. "My heart goes out to you."

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Fans in the comments also slammed Portnoy, Richards, and Bri for not realizing that Lewis was trying to open up about being a victim but they simply glossed over it.

"How did this part of the interview just get glossed over? Like she’s opening up about being a victim," one user wrote, while another added, "Wow.. she basically said she was one of the victims and in the episode nobody acknowledged it."

Tayler Holder previously denied the allegations against him.

Back in early 2022, Holder, 25, had been the recipient of a mass unfollowing by his closest friends, fellow influencers, and even people on his team, leaving many people confused about what he had done.


It wasn't long until suggestions arose that Holder was being accused of sexual assault, but none of the alleged victims have spoken up about it. Holder has repeatedly dismissed the rumors.


In reaction to the allegations, Holder sent out cease and desist letters to multiple influencers, some of them being people he was formerly close with, including Bryce Hall.

In a May 2022 interview with TMZ, Holder continued to deny the allegations, saying he was "never publicly confronted with any accusation from any individual, law enforcement, or attorney."

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