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House Cleaner Explains How He Cleaned Someone's Home For 2 Hours — Only To Realize He Entered The Wrong House

Photo: @sisterly_companionship / TikTok
House cleaner enters wrong home and cleans for two hours

For some people, cleaning relieves stress and allows them to develop a clear mental space. Oftentimes, people clean houses as a side job for friends and family. One man, however, accidentally cleaned a stranger’s house for over two hours.

The house cleaner accidentally broke into the wrong home and cleaned for over two hours before realizing it.

A TikTok user who goes by "@sisterly_companionship" shared a popular video from 2021 of a New Jersey man named Louie Angelino who entered the wrong home and cleaned the entire thing in two hours.

Angelino had intentions of cleaning his friend's coworker Mark’s apartment and was told that the key was under his mat. He showed up at the (wrong) house, found the key under the mat, and went to clean.

The video showed Angelino sharing his story, where he told his friend, “I’m in your living room waiting for you to walk in, I’m playing with your cat.” According to Angelino, Mark said, “Man, I don’t have a cat.”

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Beth and Tom Martzol from Cherry Hill came home shocked to see their house clean, cats fed and the entire home spotless. “You won’t believe it! Somebody broke into our house and cleaned the entire thing," they exclaimed.

Angelino’s TikTok account has a five-part miniseries on his hilarious accident.

Angelino told his story to followers of his account over two years ago. On June 28th, 2021, Angelino posted the first viral video to his page in which he told his story from start to finish.

Many people in the comments got a nice laugh from his funny mistake, including Angelino himself. Others shared their experiences of times when they either cleaned the wrong home or had someone who cleaned their home without knowing.

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In the second video of Angelino’s mini-series, he showed a screenshot of text messages between him and the couple. 

In one of the messages, Angelino wrote, “I just wanted to say I’m so sorry! I had no idea and it was one huge misunderstanding!” Beth replied and said, “My husband said you did a great job!” and that they would keep his information in case they needed a cleaner. 

Angelino shared in his series that he hoped that his mistake would jump-start a cleaning business and lead to many people hiring him for his services. 

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Angelino’s video gained widespread attention and media coverage.

Videos and pictures of Martzol’s home were spread on various new sites such as Inside Edition on YouTube where they showed where Angelino wiped down the couple’s counters and included images of the couple's kitchen.

His story was even acknowledged on the Jimmy Fallon Show in July 2021.



The couple was grateful for the cleaning service they had received, without even knowing who it was from and shared that their home was being renovated at the time and due to that, their home was “filthy.”

Hopefully, Angelino remains cleaning houses to this day and has a successful business as “The Cleaning Fairy.”

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