Man Finds Out That His Live-In Girlfriend Has Been Doing The Unthinkable To His Food While He Sleeps — 'I Feel Grossed Out & Betrayed'

He's calling the police on her.

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One man made a shocking discovery about how his girlfriend exacts revenge after their heated arguments. The act truly horrified him and left him feeling violated.

His once peaceful home was now a place of trauma, a haunting reminder of the betrayal he had experienced. He shared the story to Reddit's "r/offmychest," described as "a mutually supportive community where deeply emotional things you can't tell people you know can be told."


He found out that his girlfriend has been doing the unthinkable to his food while he sleeps.

"I feel so grossed out and betrayed and I keep hoping that all of this is a f--king nightmare," he wrote, recalling the dreadful moment.

The smell, the sight, the realization — all of it left him feeling utterly repulsed. "And this is where my whole life becomes hell," he wrote in the Reddit post, which was reposted to TikTok.

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It all started one night when the couple argued over the Titan submersible incident. He took the side that the victims, besides the 19-year-old, "don't really deserve sympathy." However, she, on the other hand, felt the opposite and that all life should be valued.


The argument ended with her seemingly mad at him, but since he always felt that she was a "chill and laid-back person," he didn't think it would escalate further.

"I wake up in the middle of the night and she's not in our bed...I heard the door of the bathroom open so I figured she just went to the toilet," he wrote. However, she didn't flush the toilet and then walked into the living room. Curious, he followed, and what he discovered was scarring, to say the least.

"I see her in the living room, with one of the food containers that had some leftovers. Next to her was a glass of. You guessed it. I could distinguish by the horrid yellow color and smell," he wrote. Her tear-stained face, her pleas for forgiveness, none of it could erase what she had done. He kicked her out of his house and demanded that he never wants to see her again. 

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"This feels like a sick joke, but if this is real this is actually horrifying," one person replied to his post. 

Many felt what she did was not just a severe violation of trust but also completely illegal.

Some people categorized his girlfriend's actions as "assault," though the laws around something like this are tricky since states like Louisiana and Minnesota have put forth acts outlining its illegality. The original poster didn't clarify what state he resides in.

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Commenters also voiced their concern over the woman's apparent lack of remorse. 

"This has to be some serious psychopathic tendencies," one person wrote. "She stays calm and doesn't even really communicate that she's upset to attempt to make things better, she just seeks silent revenge."

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Yet another person suggested a course of action. 

"DONT THROW OUT THE FOOD," they wrote, proposing that the evidence be handed over to the authorities. 


He listened to what people had to say and decided to take more action than just kicking her out of his house. "Yes. I will still go to the police.. I don't know how much they'll believe me, but I'm filing a report against her," he wrote.

His plans also included a visit to the doctor. Amidst the chaos, his family and his best friend, Michael, stood by him.

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