Man Shares Video Of Home Intruder Cleaning His Bathroom In Exchange For Not Calling Cops

That's one way to get out of trouble!

Home Intruder TikTok @tazbands1209 / TikTok

Most of us would find home invasions from strangers to be terrifying, but one man on TikTok is being praised on the app for his response after he used his intruder's crime to his advantage. 

In a video that has been viewed over 2 million times, TikTok user @tazbands1209 shares that a stranger broke into his home.

Instead of calling the police, he made a deal with the intruder.

The man shared a video of the alleged intruder cleaning his bathroom.

The video depicts the unnamed intruder kneeling over a bathtub and scrubbing it down with a rag.


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"This f--king hair is not mine bro. I'm not your girl, all right,” he can be heard saying as he swipes hair up from the tub.


“I’m not gonna do this if you’re recording,” he adds, turning to the homeowner. 

“I know, keep going,” the homeowner instructs him off camera. The intruder begins to protest, placing his hands on his hips and declaring that he is not going to clean certain parts of the bathtub. 

“It’s either that or the cops, bro. You came into my house,” the man tells him. “Come on.” 

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The man points out grimy spots on the side of the tub he instructs the intruder to clean up. “I know, I know, I see you, I see you,” the intruder responds. 


The homeowner advises the intruder to move a couple of shampoo and soap bottles out of the way so that he can clean the entire tub correctly. 

“This is not my hair!” the intruder argues as he continues to wipe down the tub.

“I don’t give a f–-k,” the homeowner fires back. “It could be mine, I don’t care. You came into my house."

The intruder complains, even though he is getting off easy since the police weren’t called.

“Hey, you wanted to break into my house, keep going,” the homeowner says. 

“Don’t break into ppls houses folks you’ll end up cleaning their shower,” the man wrote in a text post in the video. 

TikTok users praised the man on his handling of the situation. 

“You’re a legend,” one user wrote.


Teaching him discipline and respect will help him but calling the cops would’ve took any opportunity he had left. Respect,” another user commented. 

Others called out the intruder’s childlike behavior.

"'It’s not my tub.' 'It’s not my hair.' ITS NOT YOUR HOUSE!” one user said. 

“Bro why is he talking back when he broke in,” another user pointed out. 

The homeowner shared that the video was taken down for “Bullying and Harassment” and going against TikTok’s community guidelines, but has since been reposted. 


It's unclear if the video is legitimate or staged as a joke.

According to FBI Crime in The United States, a home invasion occurs every 30 seconds.

If you find yourself in the same position as this man and the intruder doesn’t appear to be dangerous, you too might get away with not having to clean your bathroom for a long time— but it's probably safer to call the police! 

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