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Woman Shares Her Honest Reaction To Husband Of 7 Years Walking Out On Her & Their Two Kids

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A devastated wife posted an emotional video on TikTok telling viewers that her husband of seven years left her and blocked her on "everything."

Lindsey Paige is teary-eyed and upset as she candidly speaks about the end of her "toxic" marriage.

"My husband left me after 7 years, so we are on day 1," she captions the video.

She reveals that her husband walked out on her after years of ups and downs.

“I’m holding myself accountable. I am sitting here because of something I did," Lindsey says as the video begins.

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She doesn’t give details on what that “something” was but goes on to say the past seven years have not been her fault.

“If you’re in a toxic marriage for so long, you just start to eventually feel like maybe you’re the problem but you’re not. I am not the reason my marriage is over,” she says. 


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Lindsey tells watchers that two days ago, her husband left and blocked her on everything, and she is now unable to get ahold of him.

She discloses that she is alone while holding back tears

“I don’t have family, I don’t have friends, I don’t have a single person I can call and talk to or help me out here emotionally,” she adds.

What makes the husband’s departure so hurtful is that they share two daughters together, making her a single mom overnight. Lindsey assures viewers that she and her daughters will be fine, sharing that she has been the breadwinner for her entire marriage.

Lindsey says that being a 'default' parent takes a toll on a marriage.

In this video, and in subsequent updates, Lindsey points out how a woman's needs can go neglected once she has children.

“I’ve not once been asked out on a date in our marriage. No dates… no ‘I love you’… no hugs,” she tells viewers.

She even claims that her wayward spouse never put a ring on her finger, even when they got married. To illustrate the point, she holds up her hand, showcasing an empty ring finger.

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In another video, Lindsey warns other women about the dangers of doing the heavy lifting for their families without support from their partners.

"Moms are always the default parent," she says. 

"The person to leave and take a breather is not the mom. The person to get in their car and go for a drive is not the mom," she adds.



While Lindsey's statements may not be applicable to all families, the moms in the comments resonated with her words. 

"You are not alone," the top comment on the video reads.

"Men never realize exactly what women do," writes another, "We're the foundation."

Other urged Lindsey, and anyone else watching, to view her divorce as a positive outcome.

One person posted, “Divorce is always a GREAT thing! No happy marriage ends in divorce, you get divorced to move on to happier times.”

Another watcher shared their own experience and outcome, “My wife left me after 25 years. I didn't know at the time, but it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Stay strong.”

Everyone seems to agree that leaving a toxic relationship with an emotionally unavailable husband that didn’t contribute financially was the best conclusion.

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