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Heidi Klum Faces Backlash For 'Creepy' Lingerie Ad Featuring Her Teenage Daughter

Photo: @leniklum / Instagram 
Heidi Klum, Leni Klum

Heidi Klum and her 18-year-old daughter, Leni Klum, recently collaborated on a lingerie ad together.

When most people think of mother-daughter bonding activities, working together on modeling a lingerie ad probably isn't the first idea to pop up in their heads. 

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Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni are facing backlash for posing in a lingerie ad people are calling 'creepy.' 

The mother-daughter pair collaborated with the Italian brand, Intimissimi, a clothing company specializing in bras, lingerie, vests, and pajamas for men and women. 

The brand recently announced an upcoming lingerie line and used Heidi and her daughter to promote their brand.

The two were depicted sporting lingerie from the collection — posing, smiling and laughing together in a video posted to Instagram by Intimissimi. 

“A story of self-confidence, joy of life, and love between a mother and daughter. Together @heidiklum and @leniklum celebrate The Art of Italian Lingerie,” the caption read. 

The brand also posted a series of photos of Heidi and her daughter posing in the lingerie together and separately. 

“The idea behind the campaign is to show them how they truly are. The two represent the strong bond between mother and daughter,” a photo of the two standing side by side is captioned. 

Heidi and Leni also promoted the new line by posting the ad on their Instagram accounts. 

Although the brand intended to depict the bond between a mother and daughter, many people found the ad inappropriate. 

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“Yeah this is creepy…sorry Intimissi,” one user commented.

“How does this show the strong bond between mother and daughter? So bizarre. Completely out there!” another user wrote. 

People believed that Heidi and her daughter were being sexualized and the ad was not something they should have teamed up on. 

“Mother in lingerie, daughter in lingerie in DIFFERENT ads, ok no problem!!! But together trying to be sexy (the producers WANTED them to look sexy), touching each other in lingerie while playing sexy…Biggest porn dream…It’s disgusting!” one user shared. 

“An ad shows that it is totally okay to share that mother and daughter…being in lingerie AND being sexy at the same time… touching each other, kissing…sorry it is disgusting.”

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However, other people did not see an issue with the mother-daughter ad. 

“If you see something creepy here I think you have a problem, not the brand…” one user wrote. 

“There is nothing creepy…please. It’s not like they are advertising the brand agent provocateur with sexual poses,” another user commented.

“Actually this lingerie looks normal and what this young lady is wearing is conservative compared with what her generation wears.” 

Nor Heidi nor Leni have addressed the criticism, nor has Intimissimi acknowledged the backlash. 

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