Groom's Pregnant Mistress Interrupts His Wedding To Confront Him About Affair

The bride must've known!

Pregnant woman interrupts wedding YouTube

Try as you might, a wedding will never go perfectly according to plan. The centerpieces might be off, the bride wakes up with a pimple on her face, or worse — somebody shows up in white! 

But nobody ever imagines your husband-to-be’s mistress showing up to crash your wedding. 

Unfortunately, one woman had to deal with an exact situation like this. 

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While giving their vows, a woman showed up to announce her pregnancy— with the groom's child.

In a video first posted back in 2019, all seems to be running smoothly at the Detroit wedding. 

The video begins calmly, with the officiant asking the bride if she’ll remain loyal in sickness and in health. Although, it should’ve been the husband who he was asking. 

But the video takes a quick detour when a voice rings out in the crowd.

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“Really, Anthony?!” the mistress yells, referring to the groom. 

Some guests turn around in confusion but astoundingly, the ceremony continues; that doesn’t stop her from trying to get their attention. 

"Anthony, you're acting like you don't know me... I got your baby here!" she continues to yell, all while the officiant continues on with his speech. 

She continues yelling for Anthony until the bride’s daughter reaches her breaking point, breaking free from the ceremony and throwing her bouquet at the woman. 

"You better get out of my mama's wedding!” the daughter says. “What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you?"

But it doesn't end there.


In the second part of the video, the wedding remarkably continues. 

The officiant continues asking the bride for her vows, even asking the audience to clap at one point. 

The bride makes a show that she’s not going to give up Anthony without a fight, yelling her vows out for everybody — and the mistress — to hear.


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Many speculate that the bride was well aware of the situation. 

Ignoring the problem isn’t going to make it go away, as many of the commenters have pointed out. 

But many are also thinking that due to how many people refused to give the mistress attention, they’re sure that the family was well aware of the situation long before the ceremony. 

"They knew what was up, which is why they didn't turn around. They all seem to know he is a cheater because no one on the podium flinched,” one user wrote in the comment section of the video. 

Another user commented, "The fact that the couple never turned around lets us all know they know who she is and what she's talking about AND she isn't lying." 


Others speculated that the woman was already well aware of the baby as well.

"That woman knows who she is, that's why she didn't turn around. She already knows about that baby too.”

Unfortunately, there isn’t a part three to know just what happened after the bride said ‘I do’ but it’s safe to imagine that their happily ever after was short-lived. 

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