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Grandma Throws Granddaughter's Gifts On The Lawn Because Little Girl Wouldn't Cuddle Her On Demand

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We often hear about grandparents spoiling their grandchildren with countless gifts. When we think of doting grandmothers, we usually never picture one that would get rid of said gifts or intentionally hurt their grandchildren. 

However, this was the case for one woman’s young daughter after a day of gift shopping with her grandmother. 

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The woman claims that her daughter’s grandmother threw her presents on her front lawn.

Her cruel reaction came after the little girl refused to cuddle her on demand. 

After sharing a video on TikTok revealing that she doesn’t allow her children to have contact with their grandmother anymore, Reni Spencer explained herself in a follow-up video. 



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She responded to a comment from a user who asked her to consider dropping all animosity with her mother so that her children could see their grandmother. 

Spencer shares that her mother was an abuser and she decided to keep her children out of her life after one disturbing incident between her mother and her two-year-old daughter. 

“Let me show you what abuse looks like,” Spencer began her video. 



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Spencer displays a photo of her mother and young daughter sitting together on a couch, in what Spencer calls “one of the last times my mom ever saw my daughter.” 

The image appears to be innocent at first glance, with Spencer’s mother cuddling up with her granddaughter on her couch. However, Spencer points out that the picture does not illustrate reality. 

“What you’re seeing here is my daughter scrunched up saying to my mom ‘no, thank you, please don’t snuggle with me, no, thank you’ over and over and over until she started crying,” she says. 

Spencer claims that as a mother she does not force physical affection onto her children, a boundary that her mother refused to respect. 

Ignoring her granddaughter’s pleas, Spencer’s mother informed her that she would have to “get used to” the way she displayed affection. 

Spencer then shares another image depicting toys scattered across the lawn. “Here you will find all of the gifts my mom had taken my daughter shopping for that day, all $300 worth of gifts, on her front lawn because my daughter asked her not to snuggle with her,” she says. 

“This is the consequence my daughter had to suffer because she chose not to snuggle with my mom.” 

Spencer added that her daughter’s gifts being tossed on the front lawn were the direct result of a narcissist not getting their way and enforcing boundaries with them. 

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Spencer had to keep her mother from her children following the incident. 

“They don’t care if it's a two-year-old or a 30-year-old. It’s not a matter of forgiveness because if you knew anything about forgiveness you would know that it’s not for the other person it’s for yourself,” Spencer says. 

“You cannot just ‘work out’ abuse with an abuser.” 

Spencer believes that it is her duty as a mother to protect her children from anyone overstepping their boundaries, family or not. 

“I didn’t choose to have an abusive mom,” she says. “She made her choices now she has to live with the consequences of not having her children and her grandchildren in her life.” 

Spencer also points out the unfair double standards that exist within families. “If it [the abuse] was from a man in our life, you would 100% be telling us to protect ourselves,” she says. 

“We choose peace over chaos and I will never regret that.” 

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Other TikTok users praised Spencer for protecting her children from their abusive grandmother. 

“You’re a mother with a golden heart! You are your own kids' only advocate to protect and care for your kids. Abuse in any way is a NO CONTACT for sure!” one user commented. 

“No means no! In any circumstance, you should always be listened to, family or not. Proud of you mama,” another user wrote. 

“It is unimaginable that someone could think that the wishes of a child are less important than her grandma, age doesn’t define when you can say no,” another user pointed out. 

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