Woman Reveals How She Healed Her Relationship After Boyfriend Spent $10K On OnlyFans While She Pregnant

That money could have gone to their child.

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A woman is spilling her boyfriend's secrets on TikTok after finding out he was hiding an addiction to pornography while she was carrying their child.

Not only was he addicted to the website often used, OnlyFans, but he was spending an exorbitant amount of money paying for premium services on the site. 

A Kansas mother found out her boyfriend spent $10,000 on OnlyFans while she was still pregnant.

The woman who calls herself Kelsey for privacy reasons told her tale in a TikTok that has gone viral.


In the video, Kelsey is holding her newborn with on-screen text reading, "When you're 4 weeks postpartum and you find out that your boyfriend hid an addiction from you for the entire three-year relationship where he spent thousands of dollars on OnlyFans for custom content instead of saving for your family." 

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Subsequent clips throughout Kelsey's TikTok shine more light on what happened.


Kelsey explains that she discovered her boyfriend had maxed out high-interest credit cards to keep feeding his OnlyFans addiction, but she was adamant about staying with him and helping him beat his addiction. 

"I was up feeding our child one night when he was about four weeks old, and my partner had left his phone in the nursery," she told NeedToKnowOnline, via The New York Post.

"I found a saved WhatsApp conversation in his files app, along with some pictures. I guess he'd been talking to this sex worker and buying her content of many videos for years."

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"I woke him up and confronted him immediately, and from there, more information came out throughout the day," Kelsey said when she finally confronted her boyfriend's addiction. 

Kelsey said she should've seen the red flags when her boyfriend said he would never spend money on OnlyFans. 

She decided she would stay with her boyfriend to help him, but the comments on TikTok were not kind.

Kelsey was broken when she found out but worked with her boyfriend to help him find a therapist.

He found a therapist, turned screen time controls on, and showed his bank statements to her — he was also searching for a new job to be closer to Kelsey.

To break the stigma around porn addiction, Kelsey turned her TikTok into a story-sharing space where you can talk about your partner's dependency on X-rated content, which she aptly named "@letstalkaboutcorn."


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Her TikTok has been open to many critics who have not been so nice with Kelsey responding to a comment that said she should be giving him what he wants so he wouldn't be going to X-rated sites. 



Other users have slammed Kelsey for remaining with her boyfriend, accusing her of suffering from low self-esteem.


"People get mad when I don't take their advice, but they're only seeing a small part of my life and people don't understand how common this kind of behavior actually is," she stated. "I'd be willing to bet that some of their partners are doing the same thing."



Kelsey has been quick to clap back at the comments and has spoken about now how her relationship feels more open, honest, and trusting after finding out about the issue back in May.


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