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Fitness Model Defends Decision To Workout In Full Makeup And 'Trendy' Outfits After Receiving Backlash

Photo: TikTok
Rosa Esparza

A fitness model is defending her choice of wearing full glam to exercise.

Rosa Esparza sparked extreme backlash after sharing videos of how she looked while working out on her social media platforms.

Esparza is most known on her TikTok and Instagram accounts, where she shares videos documenting her fitness journey and sharing different workout techniques with her followers.

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Esparza wears a full face of makeup and unique outfits while working out at the gym.

Unlike other people who throw on an oversized T-shirt and workout leggings to exercise, Esparza opts for a more fun look.

While filming herself at the gym, Esparza can be seen wearing leopard print rompers, matching velvet sets, and stylish crop tops.



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The fitness model also wears a full face of makeup and makes sure her hair is perfectly styled.

However, Esparza was forced to defend her decision to wear makeup and stylish clothes to the gym after receiving backlash from social media users who viewed her videos.

"When you have the gym at 6 p.m. and the club at 7 p.m.," one user wrote, while another added, "A velour set and full-face [of] makeup?"

In a response video, Esparza addressed the negative comments, proudly stating, "I do how I want it."

After another user slammed Esparza, writing, "Why do you go the gym almost naked," she quickly hit back that she does it "to show men what they can't have, not to gain their attention!"

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Esparza even joked in another video that she wears full glam to the gym because it's "the only place" she ever goes.

"Even when I had plans, I still cancel going to the gym," she added.

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"Looking and feeling good is a good a-- workout! Do and wear whatever the f-k you want to the gym! Who gives a damn about what others think! Do whatever makes you happy."

Several users flocked to Esparza's comments to also defend the fitness influencer and her choice of attire at the gym.

"Same people commenting this are the same people not even going to the gym," one user wrote, while another added, "you wear whatever you're comfortable in."

A third user chimed in, "If I would go to the gym, I would do the same," while a fourth user pointed out that dressing up to go to the gym can be a motivational factor to exercise. 

"Maybe if I try doing this I'll actually get my a-- in the gym, getting to the gym really is my biggest problem."

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