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DoorDash Driver Calls Customer To Ask Why They Didn't Tip Before Giving Their Order Away To Strangers

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Today’s tipping culture has sparked a massive debate regarding whether or not customers, even those who are ordering food to be delivered to their house, should tip service workers. 

Some believe that tipping is an act of generosity while others think it should be a requirement. 

One DoorDash driver who is in favor of receiving tips shared how he got the ultimate revenge on a customer who did not tip him for the order. 

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The driver called the customer to ask why they did not tip. 

In a TikTok video posted by user @annawantsababy that has racked up over 1 million views in just 24 hours, he shared a screenshot of the customer’s order. 

The customer was a little over seven miles from the restaurant and the driver’s current location. 

“This customer ordered sushi, I’m all the way up on [this street,]” he pointed out on the screenshot, which included a map. 



“They need it delivered all the way to [this street].” 

It was then that he realized the customer hadn’t tipped for their order despite the distance he would have to make for the trip. 

The driver, Gary, then decided to call up the customer and ask him why he chose not to tip and records their conversation. The customer's name and number are blurred out. 

“This is Gary with DoorDash, I just picked up your deep-fried sushi roll and I’m about to head your way,” he tells the customer. 

After the customer thanks him, telling him that he’s appreciative, Gary presses him as to why he did not tip him for his service in the DoorDash app. 

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“Do you have some money at the door for me?” he asks. 

The customer is silent for a few moments and appears to be confused. Gary adds that he is expecting a baby soon and could use the money. 

The customer replies that these are “hard times” and that he does not have the money to tip him. Upon hearing this news, Gary tells him that he has to “make a stop” before dropping off his order. 

Before hanging up, the customer can be heard saying, “no, bring me my food!” 

The driver decides to give away the customer’s order to strangers. 

In the next clip, Gary pulls up next to two men on the side of the highway and asks them if they are hungry. 

When one of them replies, “always,” he hands them the customer’s order, explaining that he has no intentions of bringing it to him after he refused to tip. 

“You guys have a good day!” Gary says driving away after the men thank him. 

Some TikTok users agreed with the driver’s actions. 

“Hard times but ordering DoorDash?” one user commented. 

“Bro if you’re not gonna tip at least try ordering sum that’s not seven miles away,” another user suggested. 

“Dude I do door dash and I'm going to start doing this on no-tip orders! Help the hungry!” another user wrote. 

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However, others pointed out that tipping was optional. 

“I DoorDash and don’t expect a tip. Tips are optional my guy!” one user commented.

“Tipping is out of hand in this country though. I say this as someone who always tips between 20 and 40% It's too crazy,” another user pointed out. “Higher wages, no more tips.” 

Others noted that the driver did not have to accept the order if he noticed that the customer hadn’t tipped. 

Based on Gary’s account, it appears that this video may have been just a prank. According to his TikTok bio, he claims that his videos are “harmless pranks & interactions.” 

He has posted several videos in which he clarifies that he is pranking people. 



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