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DoorDash Driver Confronts Customer At Ring Camera Because Of Their $8 Tip

Photo: TikTok
DoorDash driver on Ring camera

How much should you tip? Are you a horrible person for not leaving a tip? Or for leaving too small of a tip? 

These conversations are the pinnacle of tipping culture — it seems there will never be a definite answer. 

Whether it’s a sit-down restaurant, a grocery delivery, or valet parking, everyone and their mother has an opinion of what acceptable tipping looks like. 

This DoorDash driver is no exception — and, she clearly has no problem confronting her customer about his $8 tip. 

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As far as tipping etiquette goes for delivery drivers, many seem to believe one dollar per mile is more than generous — so for this 12-mile order, was this customer really that far off the mark? 

After receiving an $8 tip for a 12-mile order, a DoorDash driver angrily confronted a customer. 

With her face pressed up to his Ring doorbell, this customer watches from inside as his driver confronts him angrily over an $8 tip.

“Do you realize how far it is?” the driver questions angrily naming the town she picked up food from. 

“That’s a 15, maybe 20-minute drive,” the customer responds, seemingly confused. 

Immediately shaking her head, she continues to confront the man inside his home. 

“It’s not,” she yells back, “you need to drive it. I just drove it…it’s 40 minutes.” 

Waiting for his food, the man sits inside his home, watching the driver continuing to berate him from his front porch. 

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After a 15-minute drive turned into 40, according to the DoorDash driver, she demanded a higher tip. 

“It’s 12 and a half miles,” she accuses while holding up her phone. 

Comments seem confused by this Doordash driver's absurd demands. As she’s standing on the porch of a residential neighborhood, viewers immediately disprove her accusations. 

“Forty minutes for 12 miles? Is she in New York City?” one comment jokes. 

“I just looked it up,” another viewer writes, “it’s only a 10-minute drive.” 

“40 minutes to go 12 miles? Sounds like that is on your driving,” one commenter writes. 

Repeating herself again, she asks her customer why he would leave such a ‘small’ tip for such a long drive — “I don’t think you realize how far it is.” 

Wondering why he still didn’t have his food, he questions the driver about her motivation for choosing the order if she knew it would be such a far drive. 

“So, why did you accept the pickup if you think it’s that far?” he says. 

According to Indeed reports for DoorDash drivers, the newest versions of the DoorDash app tell drivers an estimated mileage before they decide to accept or decline the pickup.

“She could’ve declined the order. What the heck?” someone writes under the video. 

Instead of admitting she accepted it whilst knowing, she immediately yells, “They didn’t let me know how far!” 

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Shouting through the Ring camera, this hungry customer asks the DoorDasher what exactly is ‘she looking to get?’ 

“I think you need to adjust your tip,” the driver yells from outside, still holding up her phone in hopes of an updated tip, “to make it right.” 

“How much was the tip?” the customer asks. 

“You gave an $8 tip,” she says, looking down at her phone. 

Outraged that he was arguing with his driver, even after leaving a reasonable tip, he yells back, “What the h— are you looking for?” 

Receiving back the confrontation she’d been dishing to her customer, she immediately gets defensive and cuts him off. 

Reaching down for the food on the porch, she gets the last word out, yelling at the camera. 

“Is she f–ing kidding?” the customer says from the Ring doorbell, as it records her walking away with their food. 

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After an unsuccessful attempt at getting a bigger tip, the DoorDash driver steals the food from his porch. 

“I’m going to bring the food back!” she yells twice. 

Now confused, angry, and hungry, the man takes to TikTok to post his strange interaction. 

Luckily, unlike many other debates about tipping, comments seem unanimous in favor of his reaction — many claim that she should’ve been more than happy with a tip over $5. 

“I would’ve adjusted the tip to zero,” many commenters write, outraged by her demands

Recognizing the towns the driver mentioned in the video, many Long Island residents flood into the comments.

“Commack and Smithtown are literally right next to each other,” one writes. 

“I live in Commack,” another says, “and Smithtown is just 15 minutes down the road.” 

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Comments think this DoorDash driver should’ve been thanking the customer for his $8 dollar tip. 

Other viewers and DoorDash drivers support the user in the comments, hoping this woman has since realized how entitled she sounded in her demands. 

“So many people don’t tip anything on DoorDash,” one driver writes, “I’m always grateful when they give me even $1.” 

“For that distance, $8 is a great tip…what is she hoping for?” another questioned. 

“I would’ve said ‘fine, I’ll adjust it,’ and then change it to zero.” one commenter wrote. 

 While TikTok has been very clearly advocating for service workers and delivery drivers over the past couple of years, it seems even this DoorDasher couldn’t find one person to take her side. 

To give two cents to the tipping culture debate — always tip your service workers and never confront someone on the front porch of their own home. 

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