College Student Shares How He Got 'Revenge' On Person Stealing His Food Deliveries

"Tastes like revenge!"

College student, food delivery, prank @ethanphamtastic / TikTok 

When a college student kept failing to get his food delivered to his dorm, he caught on pretty quickly that another person was stealing them.

Not only did he plan on catching the thief, but he also strategized a hilarious way to fool them so that they would think twice next time before taking an order that wasn’t theirs!

The student placed a bowl of raw vegetables in the food bag instead of his usual order. 

In a TikTok video viewed over 1 million times, college student Ethan from Texas shared how he employed his genius prank.


“So someone in my dorm has been stealing my food deliveries,” he explains. “And I want to find out who it is but I also want to get revenge.” 

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He decides to place a bowl in a paper Chipotle filled with vegetables instead of his usual Chipotle order, along with a photo of a man with a camera captioned, “caught your a–- in 4k, b–-ch.” 


He attached a note on the bowl that read, “Eat your veggies,” with a smiley face and completed the paper bag with a DoorDash sticker to make it even more realistic.

“Tastes like revenge!” Ethan says as he places the bag on a large metal rack in the dormitory lobby where DoorDash orders are dropped off

“The bait has been placed,” he says. He adds that he will check on the “order” later to see if anyone wound up stealing it. 

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TikTok users praised Ethan’s plan to prank the thief. 

“This is genius,” one user commented.

“You’re too nice for putting veggies in there, couldn’t say the same if it were me lol,” another user wrote.


“Smart, but this was way way too kind. You should've used Miralax or ghost pepper, not even joking one bit,” another user added.

Others were eager for an update, which Ethan gratefully delivered.



He shares that the bag was stolen within the first hour it was on the rack and was unfortunately unable to catch the identity of the thief.


However, he decided to pleasantly surprise those who believed he had left the thief off easy by leaving them vegetables.

He put garbage from his trash can in a Chick-Fil-a bag along with another hilarious photo for whoever took it.

For those asking how Ethan plans to catch the perpetrator, he reveals that he has some ideas that are "still in the works."


“Honestly, right now I’m probably not gonna know who’s stealing the food,” he says. “I just want to troll them a little bit just so they could stop stealing people’s food, you know?” 

Other students who have had food stolen are most likely saluting Ethan for his quick thinking and hopefully, the thief will be caught soon! 

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