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DoorDash Delivery Driver Cusses Out 'Loser' Customer Who Didn't Tip Before Food Was Delivered

Photo: TikTok
Delivery driver caught on a door camera cussing out a customer

Tipping culture is ingrained into our everyday lives but everyone has a different opinion on who is deserving of tips and how much.

Typically, tipping is reserved for after you receive a service, but today, food delivery apps ask customers to tip before the food arrives. This change has created a dilemma, and in one instance, it led to an infuriated food delivery driver.

A DoorDash delivery driver cussed out a customer who didn’t tip before he delivered the food.

A woman posted the footage from her door camera on the video-sharing app TikTok.

In the video, she captured the upset food delivery driver cussing her out in her apartment building’s hallway.

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“This is f--king ridiculous, dude,” the driver said, clutching her food.

She explained in the caption that the driver’s poor behavior started on the first phone call.

He spoke to her over the phone because he had trouble finding her building.

“He didn't know where to go when he parked, so I nicely told him how when he called me, he was huffing and puffing and sighing on the phone,” she wrote.

Using apps like DoorDash, customers can instruct the drivers on navigating to their front door through the use of special notes. The woman claimed she did so, but it didn’t stop this driver from giving her another call.

“He calls again to ask how to get inside even though I left clear instructions,” she wrote. In the video, the driver called her a third and final time after setting down her food — but not before he gave her a scare.

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The driver frightened her by knocking loudly on the door.

“[He] clenched his fist and scared me inside from pounding so hard,” she wrote over the video.

Rapping loudly on a stranger’s door is not the most courteous way to get someone’s attention, but it didn't stop him from asking for a tip.

“It’s saying zero for the tip. Is there a cash tip?” he asked, sighing and hanging up before cussing her out one last time. “F--king loser,” he said as he walked off. She never greeted him at the door, so only the camera saw his use of profanity.

“After being disappointed with the customer service many times, I always connect with a live agent to add tip afterwards…People like this will never get a tip out of me,” she wrote in her caption.

People in the comments are mixed in their reactions.

Some condemn his behavior while others condemn her for not tipping him in the first place.

“The audacity to call and ask for a cash tip,” one person commented, while another added “No tip deserved.”

Those who support the driver say they would also act rudely. “I would’ve just [eaten] your food,” one person wrote. 

“As a former DOORDASH [driver] I would’ve [declined] your order and made your food cold. Tip next time,” another added.

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Some people are upset that she made her driver come to her door.

“I live in an apartment building and never expect my dasher to come up to my room to deliver it,” they wrote. “How [are] you gonna expect someone to come all through your building to your apartment door and not tip them from the jump?”

Some people claim that, despite all that, it’s the responsibility of the DoorDash driver to know how much they’re getting paid.

“I only accept rides that tip beforehand,” one person explained. “Others should do the same as well instead of complaining.”

However, others lashed back that declining an order is not so simple.

“If you decline a no-tip order it brings down your acceptance rate. Making you low priority for the high-paying orders,” a person countered.

People shared experiences of their troubles getting customer tips after already delivering the order, and so the debate rages on. Not tipping whatsoever should not be encouraged since drivers are dependent on them, but at the same time, that doesn't excuse poor behavior.

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