Food Delivery Driver Throws Customer's Order On The Floor & Makes It Cold Because They Didn't Tip

This was cold of her.

DoorDash driver throwing order on ground TikTok TikTok

The war on tipping culture in the United States has been ramping up recently and without an end in sight, there is a constant influx of stories regarding the joys and horrors that come alongside both sides of the coin.

More recently, a DoorDash food delivery driver gave viewers on TikTok a little peek inside her job after she picked up an order that included a $0 tip.

When the DoorDash delivery driver picked up the order, she threw it on the car floor and made it cold.

“Every once in a while, just for kicks, I like to pick up someone’s order who didn’t want to tip, and this is how it goes,” she begins her video, sitting in the car next to the order she picked up.


She then grabs the bag filled with the takeout order she’s supposed to deliver and throws it on the floor of the car, turning the air conditioning up and ensuring that the food gets cold before it gets delivered to the non-tipper.

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The caption over the video reads: “When I’m bored I like to play with the cheapskates,” as she ends the 16-second clip with “enjoy, motherf--kers,” showing clear disdain for those who don’t tip.


However, people in the comments were not on board with the woman’s actions regardless of their views on tipping.

“I'm a DoorDash driver. I take no tip orders and treat the delivery the same as a tip order. One lady that didn't tip me was blind and poor. Think!!” one of the top comments read.

Not everyone is capable of leaving a tip, and just because they decided to order out instead of eating in, doesn’t mean they should be treated poorly — you never know someone’s situation.

Many people even suggested that they don’t even tip until they receive the food — opting to tip in cash instead of through the app.

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People mocked her for jumping to conclusions before finishing the order.

One woman wrote, “one time I DoorDash and I had only enough to pay for food but I had the tip on me so be careful treating ppl food like that.”

As it turns out, she’s not alone, because there were a ton of comments just like hers with people claiming that they wait until after they receive their food to give a tip.

Other food delivery apps give the option to tip after the delivery has been made in order to spare people from situations just like this one.

“This is why they should change it to where you can only tip after service,” one person suggested.

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Someone else mocked the woman, claiming that she didn’t really do any damage because if the order was cold or messed up, DoorDash would simply issue them a refund — ultimately providing them with free food.

“Yeah now they’ll get a refund from DoorDash because their food is cold and smashed. You sure showed them,” they wrote.

Another user pointed out that this woman deliberately took the order knowing that she wouldn’t be receiving a tip when she could have just not taken the order.


“You see how much you’ll make on the order before accepting — if you don’t like the amount don’t accept the order.”

Regardless of your views on tipping, you should be able to agree that this treatment of someone else’s food is harsh, even if your income does rely on them.

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