FBI Allegedly Investigating Claim That Brian Laundrie Activated A Burner Phone On The Day He Disappeared

And there's claims his mom has one too.

Brian Laundrie's parents and FBI YouTube / Instagram / Getty

As the search for Brian Laundrie enters its second week, speculation is mounting that Laundrie is using a burner phone while on the run.

Although the Laundrie family’s lawyer, Steven Bertolino, has stated that the family have no idea where their son is and hope the FBI finds him, there are some suspicions about their alleged involvement in his disappearance.

Now, some reports suggest Brian and his mother have been using secret phones since the disappearance and death of his girlfriend, Gabby Petito.


Does Brian Laundrie have a burner phone?

The speculation surrounding Brian using a burner phone to stay connected with the world arose when people noticed his changes to his Instagram "following" list, though this is likely due to other accounts blocking or unblocking him.

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Brian’s parents claimed that he had left his phone and wallet at home when he left to go on a hike before his disappearance.

Brian Laundrie allegedly activated a new phone on the day of his disappearance. 

Sources connected to the manhunt for Laundrie told TMZ that FBI agents recently visited an AT&T store in North Port, FL, and seized surveillance footage.

“We're told Brian allegedly went to the store September 14,” TMZ reported, “with an older woman and purchased the phone before they left.”

September 14th was reported by Laundrie's parents to be the last day they saw him before he went on his hike in the Carlton Reserve, ultimately going missing.


Brian Laundrie's mother has also been accused of owning a burner phone.

Other speculation has alleged that Roberta Laundrie, Brian Laundrie's mother, has a burner of her own. 

Lyssa Chapman, the daughter of Dog The Bounty Hunter who has been running his own investigation into Laundrie's whereabouts, claimed the FBI confirmed that Roberta had acquired a burner phone.

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She did not offer an evidence for this claim and it should also be noted that there is no claim that Roberta has used the phone to contact her son.

Dog recently tweeted about his involvement with the authorities and claimed that he was protecting some of the information he had acquired. 


“We are cooperating with law enforcement,” he said. “We will not reveal information that will jeopardize the case.”

The FBI responded to claims about alleged burner phones.

News reporter for 10 Tampa Bay, Shannon Clowe, contacted the FBI to ask them whether or not Roberta had a burner phone and shared their response.


“We do not confirm or deny contact with any individual or entity in order to preserve their privacy,” they said, “as such, we do not confirm or deny the receipt of any tip. We have no additional comment.”

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When Clowe asked Bertolino the same question in a text, he said “No comment.”

Bertolino also responded to claims that Brian had purchased a burner phone and told journalist Brian Entin that, as far as he knows, this is the phone he left behind at the family's North Port home when he disappeared. 


Bertolino did not clarify if that means Laundrie left home with a phone he owned prior to purchasing this mysterious second phone. 

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