Dog The Bounty Hunter Searches Park Where Brian Laundrie's Family Allegedly Took Him Camping — And Left Him There

Dog has a lead.

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In a bizarre twist that no one was anticipating, Dog the Bounty Hunter is now hot on Brian Laundrie's heels as the manhunt continues. 

The reality TV star, whose real name is Duane Chapman, says he's received thousands of tips regarding the case. He's currently investigating one claiming Laundrie allegedly went into a Florida campground 75 miles away with his parents in early September. 

Is Brian Laundrie in Fort De Soto Park?

Dog is currently searching the Fort De Soto Park, which is located in Pinellas County. The park is about 75 miles away from the Laundries’ home on Wabasso Avenue, spans more than 1,130 acres, and consists of five keys. 


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Dog has an alleged timeline & hunch about Laundrie's whereabouts. 

The bounty hunter told Fox News about his lead, saying Laundrie and his parents were caught on camera at the Fort De Soto Park. 

"Allegedly what we're hearing is two people left on the 8th, [of September] 3 people came in on the 6th, and two people left on the 8th. I think he's been here for sure," Dog said, referring to the alleged sighting of the Laundrie family. 


"There's a lot of little islands around the area where we're at that he could get to on a canoe. We talked to the caretakers today on the islands and they say he could be out here...that he was here, for sure, not over in the swamp." 

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The "swamp" referred to is Sarasota County's Carlton Reserve. Search teams have looked through nearly 25,000 acres of vegetation in the hopes of locating Laundrie. 

The Laundries allegedly booked two campsites. 

In a call with Brian Entin, a correspondent for NewsNationNow, Dog claimed, "We discovered that [in] early September, the mother and father registered to stay at a campground... on the 1st and the 3rd and they stayed at campground 1. Then on the 6th through the 8th of September, they registered again to stay at the campground, and this time they stayed in space 15."


The Laundrie's neighbors did claim that they saw Brian and his parents head off on a 3-day camping trip about a week after Brian returned home without Petito.

Dog also told Entin he contacted authorities about this information. 


The park was previously visited by investigators. 

According to the Pinellas Sheriff's Office, they are not conducting an investigation at Ft. DeSoto and say they are "unaware of any confirmed sightings of Brian." 

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However, reporter Josh Sidorowicz recently tweeted, "The county confirms that investigators did visit the park, but referred us to the Sheriff’s Office for any additional information. 

A park ranger was also able to confirm that Dog was at the park on Monday. 

There may be other evidence backing Dog's claims.

Though the claim is currently unverified, one social media user reported their parents had been staying at a campsite next to the Laundries. They also stated their parents have "lots of drone and GoPro footage of the campground and town from the dates they were there." Reportedly, this footage's been turned over to the FBI for investigation. 


Brian Laundrie and Gabbie Petito visited Fort De Soto Park together. 

Internet sleuths dug up a post on Gabby Petito's Instagram page from February 26. The tagged location was Fort DeSoto Historical Fort, which has lead to speculations that Laundrie may be familiar with the area after all.   

Petito's post consisted of 6 pictures showing herself walking along the shore, wildlife, and a picture of herself and Laundrie behind a window with bars. 


Commenters were quick to write about how the "fourth picture aged like milk."

Instagram user edsuitcase added, "He gonna be looking through bars again soon."

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