Disney Bus Driver Adds 'One Last Bit Of Magic' To Park-Goers' Day — 'Please Give Him A Raise!'

They call it the happiest place on Earth for a reason!

Disney world bus driver TikTok @cristelleatx / TikTok

A Disney bus driver understood the assignment of spreading the magic. He went above and beyond to keep his passengers entertained even after an exhausting day at the parks.

The bus driver sand Disney songs and cracked jokes as he transported passengers throughout the theme parks.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 50,000 times, Walt Disney World Resort guest Cristelle shared an experience she had while riding a Disney bus after a long day of fun.


While hitching a ride from a Disney bus back to her hotel, along with other guests who were drained from walking around in the hot weather all day, they all got one last taste of Disney magic for the day thanks to their driver, Rhyan.

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Rhyan sang “A Whole New World” from Dinsey's classic movie “Aladdin” to his passengers. “Aside from making funny jokes along the ride to keep us entertained after a long day, he said he wanted to add one last bit of magic to our day,” Cristelle wrote in the text overlay of the video.


Rhyan’s performance was so captivating that one of the passengers even hung up a phone call she was on to hear him sing more. “Keep in mind that he only gets paid to drive, but went out of his way to make everyone’s day,” Cristelle added.

Rhyan sang the entire song for guests until the end of the bus ride. Before getting off, Cristelle asked him if she could post the footage to social media, which he happily agreed to.

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disney bus driver sings to passengersPhoto: TikTok / @cristelleatx


She called for the bus driver to receive a raise or to be promoted to a performer in the Disney park shows. She also encouraged viewers to tag the official Disney TikTok page in hopes that they will see Rhyan’s talent and promote him.

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TikTok users were astonished by Rhyan’s dedication to his job and his singing skills.

“Amazing!! I wish more bus drives that we had did that! Thank you, Rhyan, you’re a wonderful person!!” one person commented.

“Please give that man a raise! He deserves it for bringing the Magic to these tired guests!” another user shared.


Other users shared that they knew Rhyan before he worked at Disney and that he had always had a beautiful voice.

“I went to school with him. He's always been singing his heart out. Such a beautiful voice,” one user wrote. “Rhyan and I went to high school together and were in choir!!” another user revealed.

Rhyan himself even commented on the video thanking everyone for their love and support.


Disney cast members and employees often go above and beyond to make our trips memorable. The next time you take a visit to the parks, be sure to thank cast members for their efforts and for making magic happen right before our eyes!

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