Mom Of A 'Top Tier Kid' Shares The One Souvenir He Wanted From Disney World — 'It Made Him Feel So Good'

The magic of Disney is alive in this kid.

Young boy at Disney World gifts toy to stranger TikTok

We all know the iconic Disney motto is “where dreams come true,” and the almost legendary magical experiences of the parks.

Many people and families travel from far and wide to experience the wonders within the gates, hoping to catch a glimpse of fairy dust, grinning pirates, or natural wonders from around the world. Most kids also can’t wait to bring back a souvenir of their favorite Disney character, but not one young man.


One 'top tier kid' said the only souvenir he wanted from Disney was the memory of gifting a toy to a random stranger.

Determined to bring the magic of selflessness to his experience, this kid surprised his mom with his request and then set himself on a mission to brighten someone else’s day.

He and his mom went out into the parks to look around and find someone to give the toy to, waiting until a stranger caught his eye as the “perfect recipient.”

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It took some time, but after waiting on the curb for a little while, the overjoyed kid spotted a small family that seemed like just what he was looking for.


Without asking his mother to come with him, the kid jumped up from his position and raced over to the little family, eager to give their child his Mickey Mouse plush.

The other family was startled at first, shocked by his offer, but then quickly accepted the gift, beaming at him in thanks.

Overwhelmed, his mother wrote: “He’s genuinely the sweetest kid. I’m so lucky.” She also noted in the description that her son had actually given away souvenirs twice that day, just to make someone else smile.

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'He said it made him feel good to make someone happy,' she wrote, emotional at his random display of kindness.

After posting the video, the mom then returned to the comments to provide some additional context, shining light on the heartbreaking situation her family was in at the time.


Without providing too many details, she explained that she and her son had initially taken the trip to Disney because her grandpa was in the ICU.

Both she and her son were very close to him, and so, heartbroken, they were trying to find some way to avoid the stress and dread of losing a family member.

Her son’s decision to bring light to the lives of others, even when he was going through such a tough time, made his mom remember the light herself. “This made me feel so much better.”

Sure enough, a few days after the trip their grandfather passed away. “We’re all devastated,” she wrote. “I think we're going to make this a new tradition in his honor.”


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Other TikTok users have been enchanted by the kind act.

One user, a cast member for Disney parks, commented that she was “a blubbering crying mess here. Your son is the Disney magic.”

Another pointed out that claims of magic disappearing over time or with age are only for those who aren’t willing to become the magic themselves. “It’s not in the grandiose displays, but the genuine acts [of] kindness.”

The TikTok page for the Disney parks itself commented on the page, personally thanking this family for helping them “make magic.”


Many people say that Disney parks bring out the magic in people, and give everyone incredible experiences that are unlike anywhere else on earth.

This beautiful sentiment comes from the strong focus on the wonder and beauty the parks strive to create for the little ones — a feeling that touches adults just as much as their children.

A place so focused on childlike wonder is bound to have some magic of its own, but the pure-hearted kids that come to visit are just as capable of bringing that magical touch as the cast and parks themselves.


This one kid definitely proved, without a doubt, “Disney magic is real.”

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