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A Husband Offers A Comeback To His Wife Saying That He Just 'Shows Up' To A Disney Vacation Without Having To Plan Any Of It

Photo: TikTok
Mallory Richardson and her family at Disney World

A husband and wife are using TikTok to call each other out over their seemingly unfair division of labor.

Mallory and Rhett Richardson were in the midst of prepping for their family's trip to Disney World in Florida when their back-and-forth ensued on the video-sharing app.

Photo: TikTok

Mallory blasted her husband for just ‘showing up’ to the Disney vacation without having to plan any of it. 

Like any Disney goer, Mallory has familiarized herself with the endless steps that are involved in planning a busy trip. There are park and dining reservations to be made, spots on certain rides to secure, and matching Mickey ears to get for the family. All of these responsibilities she claims that her husband is seemingly unaware of. 

“I love my husband and he’s a very hands-on dad,” the mom-of-two says of her husband in a TikTok video. “But let me tell you right now, that man has no idea what we’re even doing in Disney.” 

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She goes on to list everything that her husband has no clue about their upcoming trip. “He has no idea where we’re going to eat, he has no idea what we’re packing, he has no idea what we need at the parks, he has no idea what the kids are wearing,” she shares. “Like what is a life to just show up at Disney and not have to plan any of it?” 

While Mallory points out her husband’s oblivion to their extensive plans, he hilariously takes it upon himself to point out that she is also clueless about certain details of the trip. He decides to respond to his wife with a TikTok video of his own.

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The man claps back at his wife that while he may not be involved with the trip planning, he is the one who is paying for it. 

“This girl has no idea what the credit card charges are,” he says. “She has no idea about the bills… what’s it like to just go around swiping a piece of plastic all day?” Mallory admitted that she has “zero comebacks” for her husband. 



TikTok users found the interaction between the husband and wife in their videos to be hilarious and accurate. “As a plastic swiper and primary packer this is so funny,” one user shared. “This is like the MGK and Eminem dis-tracks…husband and wife versions,” another user noted. 

Other users pointed out the perfect balance that exists between the two when it comes to traveling. “This is perfect though. You don’t have to worry about the expenses and he doesn’t have to worry about the planning. I call that balance!” one user commented. 

In the end, we can pretty much all agree that even if there are certain parts of a Disney trip that husbands and wives are oblivious to, whether it be payment or planning, it is the children are who truly blissfully unaware of how much work goes into their magical vacations. “I just wanna be the kids… no planning or paying, they’re the real winners here,” one user admitted. 

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