Man Confronts Neighbor With Kanye West & 'White Lives Matter' Pumpkins On Her Front Porch

She's getting law enforcement involved.

Kanye West, Nelk Boys Prank, Kanye pumpkin Liam Goodner / Shutterstock / TikTok

Now that being a Kanye West supporter means throwing yourself behind his vicious tirade of hate, it's no surprise that one woman was livid when she was linked to the controversial rapper via her Halloween decor.

A TikTok account run by the Nelk Boys shared the viral prank video, where a man knocked on the door of a supposed neighbor to confront her about offensive Kanye pumpkins on her porch.

The prankster planted Halloween pumpkins that supported Kanye West on the woman's porch.

The video, entitled "Putting offensive pumpkins on peoples porch" starts off with a man placing two pumpkins, one carved with “White Lives Matter” and the other, a picture of Kanye West, on a porch.


The man then knocks on the door and a woman answers, asking him, “How can I help you?” She already seems a bit irritable.



The prankster goes on to inform the woman that he was taking a walk through the neighborhood.

He then points out the unfamiliar Halloween decorations on her porch.


The man tells her, “I just wanted to say as a member of the neighborhood that I don’t appreciate those pumpkins.”

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The woman becomes angry when she sees the pumpkins on her porch.

She blurts out, “Are you f--cking kidding me? These aren’t mine. I’m calling the police right now.”

Kanye West has continued his fall from public favor recently by wearing a "White Lives Matter" shirt to Paris Fashion Week.

Pretending not to hear her alarm, the man tells her he loves Kanye, too.


She responds by telling him she doesn’t even know who Kanye West is.

The woman continues to pace back and forth, confused by how the pumpkins got on her property.

He continues to ignore her anxiety and tells her, “I’m more of a Drake guy,” as she heads toward the front door to call the police.

By this time another female stepped out of the residence, but seemingly lost interest in the situation and went back indoors.

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The TikToker continues to disregard the woman’s threats to call the police, discussing his musical preferences.

The resident is then heard yelling on the phone, “Hey, I need to talk to your dad right now. It’s an emergency.” 


She then goes on to describe the two pumpkins on the porch before saying, “Let me get this guy’s information. Then I’m going to call the FBI neighbor, then the police.”

The man says he doesn’t want to get involved in any “police stuff” and offers to take the pumpkins.

The woman becomes irate, telling him, “I don’t want you to take the f--cking pumpkins! The police are on the way. My husband’s on the phone.”

She accuses him of being involved and he starts to walk away.

The video ends with the poster saying he didn’t want to be a part of anything involving the police and walking away.


The TikTok had been liked over a million times with viewers finding it hysterical.

One person said, “Lol. She flipped out so hard.”

Another user commented, “She has to be the final boss for Karen’s."

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