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Rumors Are Swirling That John Mulaney Has Been Cheating On Olivia Munn While She Is Pregnant

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John Mulaney and Olivia Munn

Almost two months later after the official announcement that John Mulaney and Olivia Munn were dating and having a baby, Mulaney is rumored to have cheated on his pregnant girlfriend. 

Instagram account Deuxmoi, a celebrity gossip account, posted on their story this past weekend about a B-C list celebrity and her baby daddy, an A-list comedian, have called it quits. 

Since then, speculation has been mounting that infidelity may have been at the root of the rumored split.

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Did John Mulaney cheat on Olivia Munn?

Deuxmoi posted yet another tip that said this was all because there was another woman in the picture.

The tip read, "This A list comedian who was previously in a relationship with a pregnant woman called it quits because the guy was caught cheating with another woman. She's pretty famous, I'd say an A-list celebrity herself, but probably not an obvious choice in the public's eyes. I work in publicity and had to say something."

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Credit: DeuxMoi / Instagram

Fans were either disappointed to hear the news or had already suspected this kind of behavior from John. 

Social media has been speculating that John Mulaney and Olivia Munn have broken up.

An insider also recently told Us Weekly that Mulaney and Munn's relationship is facing much "uncertainty" as it's been an "imperfect relationship from the start." 

Then a TikToker Jonathan, @jonathansaysyeet, posted that it was "very objectively funny that John Mulaney and Oliva Munn just broke up," revealing for anyone who might have been confused about the tip to Deuxmoi, that this is definitely about Mulaney and Munn.

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Many think John Mulaney and Olivia Munn were doomed from the start.

On TikTok, fans made videos either showing their reactions to the news or to show they are sort of unphased by all this drama that has been circulating around John Mulaney. 

One fan mentioned "I guarantee you kids of alcoholics aren't surprised by this news," and the creator commented, "there’s a reason they tell you no relationships until a year into recovery."

Another video posted by fans of him going to his concert said "getting cute for John Mulaney show bc we know he's a cheater."

Credit: TikTok

Lots of fans are also shocked by the news and are disgusted and disappointed by Mulaneys behavior. 

One fan brought up a good point asking if Munn's baby was even born yet and why would he cheat?

"Was the baby even out of the tum-tum yet though? John Mulaney what? You stupid B- Oh my god I hate him, I hate him. I love him, but I hate him now. Oh my god."

This wasn't surprising to some fans who already suspected Mulaney was cheating on his ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler with Olivia Munn before they broke things off. 

Others also pointed out that it was ironic Mulaney said in a previous stand-up that cheating "changes your whole world view" and that "I'm not gonna do it but I totally get it."

That said, it is unclear who exactly these rumors are referring to or even where they came from, so it may be too soon to jump to conclusions!

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