Grieving Daughter Prints Out 200 Stickers Of Her Mom In A Bathing Suit For An 'Unstable' Reason

Her mom may have passed away but that isn't stopping her from taking her with her everywhere she goes.

Cassie TikTok

Losing a parent is one of the most unimaginable losses to comprehend, and is never an easy thing to deal with.

In a TikTok video, Cassie, after suffering the loss of her mother, chose a rather unique and sweet way to forever have her mother by her side, despite her physical presence no longer being with her. 

Cassie revealed the most 'unstable' thing she's done is print out 200 stickers of her mom in a bathing suit after she passed away.

After losing her mother, Cassie decided to channel her grief creatively by having stickers of her mom in a bathing suit made so she would be able to always carry her around.


"The best, but possibly most unstable thing I've done since my mom died is I got 200 vinyl stickers of her made," Cassie shared.

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She told viewers that she had them made to carry them around and stick them on things, showing off a sticker she put of her mom on her water bottle. "I put them on my coolers, and I plan on just keeping ten in my purse and my wallet at all times."


Cassie explained that as she continues with her life, she can place stickers of her mom on places she sees, including a "wall of stickers," or a "bathroom stall with stickers on it."

While the idea may seem unconventional to some when in grief, many people experience thoughts and behaviors that are wildly different from things they have experienced before facing the loss of a loved one in their lives.

"Grief does not come with an agenda. You will experience grief until you have either stuffed it in the corners of your unconscious mind or you have processed it and transformed that energy," Keya Murthy, M.S. a clinical hypnotherapist, spiritual life coach, and healer, explained to us in February.

"Grief is personal and intimate. Mourning is not a luxury, time to mourn is not a [waste]. Just like you take the time to celebrate, you must take the time to grieve, to mourn."


Often behaviors that others would deem as "weird" are actually quite normal and healthy. It's the effect of grieving, which is a strange experience, and often manifests in ways that most people sometimes don't understand.

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She revealed that she even has a laminated photo of her mom so she can take her on vacations.

In a follow-up video, Cassie also explained that, on top of the stickers of her mom, she also has a laminated photo of her as well, so she can take her places.

"When I go on vacations, she can come with us," Cassie said. "She can go in the water. She can go in the air. We have a bunch of videos, she's been to the Galapagos, she's going to Scotland in a week and a half."




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Cassie joked that since her mother's death in January 2023, her mom has been on "more vacations" with her and her family in the last couple of months than in the last several years before her death.

In the comments section, many TikTok users thought the idea of Cassie printing out stickers of her mom was quite genius.


"This is adorable, I would love this if my kids did that in my memory," one user wrote, while another added, "It was giving unstable until I thought about [people] that have great relationships and are genuinely distraught after their mom passes."

When asked how she was able to get the stickers of her mom made, Cassie shared that she had been searching on Etsy until she stumbled upon a seller who made stickers.



"I'm only three months into grieving my mom, and she was such a fun person," Cassie said. "[She was] the life of the party, and she always just lived such a fun life that I know that my mom would absolutely be cracking up in heaven right now."


"She's [laughing and] looking down and seeing this video going viral. Like, she would've never thought a picture of her in a bathing suit would go viral on the internet. So thank you, guys."

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