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Woman Plans Entire Funeral For Estranged Husband With His Family Only To Learn He's Alive & Living With His Mistress Of 6 Years

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Husband who faked his death TikTok

Something that might surprise you is how many men contemplate faking their deaths to start a new life. Very few move forward with the plan, but in the case of Anessa Rossi, she was “Shocked, embarrassed, stunned, angry, and upset” to learn that her husband had pretended to be dead.

Rossi started by telling viewers in a TikTok video that the Miami Dade Police Department had contacted her and told her that her husband had committed suicide and they had recovered his body. She then shared texts of the correspondence between herself and her family members regarding the loss.

The messages make it clear that the woman and her husband were estranged. One message read, “I want to be sad but I’m thankful we have you! And you’re home safe. He would have taken you, too.”

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Rossi explained that she and her husband’s family are estranged, so she is in California, and they are in South Florida. Despite that, they stayed in contact with her during the supposed planning of a funeral for her departed husband.

According to her, the family asked her not to come to the funeral because her estrangement from her husband would make it “too traumatic” for the family. Nevertheless, Rossi proceeded to assist with funeral arrangements and payment under the belief that her husband took his life on January 22, 2023.

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What she didn't know was that her husband faked his death the entire time and was living with his mistress.

She discussed her feelings of sadness and grief over the situation, believing she was partially responsible for the man’s death because their relationship had been so tumultuous. Rossi even said she, too, had contemplated suicide.

Then, during a TikTok live session, a comment was posted telling Rossi to check her DMs because they had information regarding her husband.

Upon opening the message, she said she learned that her husband was alive and well, living in Mexico with a woman who she alleges had been his mistress for the past six years.

That accusation kicked off a firestorm of feedback. Most people who commented advised the woman to sue for emotional damages while others apparently questioned the validity of her story, including some comments her mother made, where she worked, and the status of her marriage.

In a second video, Rossi shared proof of her job working as a stripper. Her soon-to-be ex-husband had apparently shared a video with a recorded conversation between him and Rossi’s mother, who accused her of lying about her job, among other things.

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Many people were skeptical about whether or not Rossi had actually been notified that her husband had died.

People wanted to see correspondence between his family and her, but in a third video, she explained that the communication was verbal.

Unable to limit the backlash from the bomb she dropped, Rossi was forced to do a fourth video combatting a video her estranged husband had shared accusing her of lying.



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Although the clip from her husband was not shared and his girlfriend’s social media pages have been set to private, Rossi explained that the couple was married at the time, though they were headed for divorce. She also shared a 2017 photo of him and the other woman as proof he had cheated.

She also addressed her spouse’s allegations that she lied about being sexually assaulted in the past and had gotten several procedures of plastic surgery done. Rossi vehemently stood by her claim of being victimized in the past but readily admitted to having “a lot of plastic” surgery.

In the end, she was hurt by the fact that her own mother had sided against her and that people doubted a story that she claimed to be true. She posted a final video on the matter and decided to leave the subject alone.

The ending of a marriage can be super messy. According to psychologists, cooperation, communication, and mediation is necessary for a healthy split. Had this couple been able to implement those things, a lot of confusion and conflict could have been avoided.

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