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Dad Grounds Daughter By Taking Over Her Social Media Account For 2 Weeks — 'I'm Too Invested'

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After a teenage girl snuck boys into a girls-only slumber party, her parents decided to get creative in their methods of punishing her. The girl was presented with two options: option one consisted of having her cell phone taken away for an entire month, and option two only required her to hand over her phone for two weeks but had one condition that would mortify any teenager: her parents would have full control over her social media accounts. 

The girl settled for option two and instantly regretted her decision within a couple of days. However, other people were cracking up at the hilarious results. 

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The father took over his daughter’s social media accounts, posting photos and videos posing as a teenage girl. 

Like any parents, Tawnya Ford and Larry Sumpter were disappointed after their 15-year-old daughter, Madelynn, disobeyed their rules and snuck boys into a girls-only sleepover. Instead of going the traditional route and grounding their daughter by taking her phone privileges away, they decided to take the punishment up a notch and give themselves control of the teen’s phone, including her social media accounts, for two weeks.

They decided to give the girl’s friends and followers a fair warning by informing them of her punishment.

Taking to Madelynn's Instagram account, they posted a photo of the teenager with her face buried in her hands in front of her open laptop. “This is Maddi. Maddi got herself grounded. She had a choice of no phone for a month or no phone for 2 weeks and we have FULL control of her social media,” the post was captioned by the parents. “She chose 2 weeks. So be on the lookout for some amazing Instagram posts, TikToks, and snap chats from her parents!!”

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The parents delivered by posting a series of hilarious photos, including ones depicting Larry in a blonde wig, sporting women's tank tops, along with captions you’d expect to find on a teenage girl’s Instagram feed including, “felt cute, might delete later” and “haters gonna hate!” 

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The father did not limit himself to Instagram. He also took over Madelynn’s TikTok account, posting videos of himself singing along to country music and posing for the camera.

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Although some social media users found the parent takeover to be hilarious and creative, poor Madelynn was mortified. “After the first day, Madelynn was like, ‘I changed my mind, I choose the one month,’” her mother told TODAY. “Larry told her, ‘No. I’m too invested. I have too many ideas. We’re sticking with the two weeks.’ He’s loving it. I think he's gonna make his own TikTok account when this over." 

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The mother added that she and Larry are “always down” to embarrass their children even if they are not grounded, explaining that her husband often dresses up as the school mascot and blasts country music when he picks up Madelynn from school. 

The teen eventually got her phone back when the two weeks were up, notifying her followers with an adorable baby picture captioned, “I’m back sweeter than ever and ready to make good choices.” Although most of her friends preferred her father’s posts over her own. Encouraging her to bring Dad back. She has since deleted anything her father had posted on her accounts. 

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Even if Madelynn’s punishment is over, Larry’s career in trending content creation on social media is just beginning.

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