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Couple Sends Out Invites To Their Joint Divorce Party, Saying 'Plus Ones Are Welcome… Ours Will Be There'

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Weddings are a huge celebration of love and new beginnings but what happens when things don’t work out? Should everyone sit around sad and mourn a marriage?

For some people, coping with a divorce means curling up in bed with a box of tissues while for others it looks a little bit more like this video below.

But for another couple, on Reddit, it was a much more unified affair.

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With the divorce rate in the U.S. rising over 40%  in 2022, surely everyone will be able to get down at a divorce party at least once in their life. 

Uploaded to the r/funny forum on Reddit, one friend who received the shockingly funny invitation was wondering when he missed the news that this was divorce etiquette. 

The Funny, or r/funny, thread on Reddit is a forum for users to share funny stories, images, and content in hopes of getting a laugh from other viewers. 

With a stock photo divorce photo, fancy cursive writing, and an invitation to bring a friend — comments wonder how in the world it couple be real. 

This Reddit couple is getting divorced — and throwing a joint divorce party to celebrate. 

In an upload from January 24th, a Reddit user uploaded the strange invitation he received through the mail with the title: “I guess divorce parties are a thing now?” 

With almost 85 thousand votes and 4 thousand comments — the invitation went viral for a million different reasons. 

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Photo credit: Reddit

Complete with fancy handwriting at the top, the couple chose to include a beautiful floral graphic with the words, “They tied the knot and gave it their best shot…but.” 

“Tim & Lori are getting divorced,” the middle of the card proudly displays in cursive. 

The stock photo of a couple fighting lights up the invitation behind those words, really setting the tone for all of its recipients. 

Underneath the huge announcement, the invite includes the time and place for their divorce extravaganza. 

Underneath all of that information is where viewers are truly shocked by this outrageous divorce party invitation. 

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The divorce party invitation welcomes guests to bring a ‘plus one’ — they will also be bringing one. 

At the bottom of the card, in white lettering, the couple writes, “Come celebrate the end of a bad marriage and the return of a good friendship. Plus ones are welcome — ours will be there!” 

Some comments are focused on the first part, saying, “‘bad marriage…good friendship’ is a great attitude to have about it. Good for them.” 

Many others are hyper-fixated on the absurdity of a party celebrating a fresh divorce with new plus-ones there to watch. One commenter writes, “This is on the list of things I would never want to do with a new girlfriend.” 

“So,” another writes, “they’re bringing dates to their own divorce?” 

Comments wonder what type of gifts you bring to a divorce party. 

“I wonder if there is a divorce gift registry or just their Venmo tag?” one commenter wonders under the post. 

“Instead of buying the divorce couple gifts,” one more selfish commenter jokes, “they should return the wedding gifts you bought them. I’d definitely go, in that case!”  

Wondering what to bring to your friend’s divorce party? Some of the comments under this post might give you just the right idea. 

One suggests, “Divorce lawyer registry?” 

“Maybe a fruit basket,” another one writes, “and a huge bottle of expensive liquor…that seems subtle enough for a divorce party gift, right?” 

While many seem opposed to a seemingly insane idea of a gift registry at a divorce party — many others think it couple be beneficial. 

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While this couple ended things amicably, comments suggest a divorce party for those who didn’t. 

“My sister just left her abusive husband. Luckily, she has a supportive family who helped her a lot. But, there’s plenty of people who do not,” one comment admits, “It’s really not a bad idea in some instances.” 

While many comments made fun of a ‘gift registry’ situation at a divorce party, many believe those like the commenter above would benefit incredibly from one. 

With friends and family around, a divorce party for someone who went through an abusive marriage might be exactly what they need to kickstart their own life — gifts and support included. 

So, I guess don’t knock it until you try it? Maybe 2023 will be the year that divorce parties become the new weddings.

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