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Couple Who Used AirTag On Their Luggage Discovered That Their Suitcase Had Been Donated To Charity

Photo: TikTok
Nakita Rees and Tom Wilson luggage TikTok

Nakita Rees and Tom Wilson had recently gotten married and went away on their honeymoon — flying on Air Canada the whole way until they returned to their primary address in Ontario.

Only, there was one problem — Wilson’s bag had gotten lost in the process of deboarding and exiting the airport.

Although most people would file the lost baggage claim and simply look away from the matter, Rees and Wilson had placed an Apple AirTag in their suitcase and tracked their luggage, leading them on a wild goose chase to figure out what exactly was happening to their bag.

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Thanks to their AirTag, the newlyweds discovered their luggage had been donated to charity.

It took four months of fighting and digging to get there, but Rees and Wilson had been keeping an eye on their luggage since they landed at the YYZ airport in Ontario.

On January 19, 2023, Rees had had enough of dealing with Air Canada and posted her story on TikTok to raise awareness of the shady business happening behind the scenes.



“Here we go TikTok, I’m updating you on my luggage being lost for the last four months,” Rees begins her story.

She details how she had just been in Greece with her husband, re-checked her bag in Montreal, and then flew into Ontario via Air Canada.

After the luggage had been lost, they filed a missing luggage report and hadn’t heard anything for several months, tracking their bag the entire time via the AirTag and getting their hopes up every time they saw it on the move — although it was never on the way to them.

“We noticed our luggage was moving with our AirTag from the Montreal airport to what we now have learned, as of today, a processing center in Montreal,” she explains.

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Once it was processed, the luggage moved to Etobicoke, Canada — where it sat for months.

They returned to YYZ, where they spoke to a manager who talked to the CEO of Baggage and asked them how the baggage process works for luggage without airline tags.

“He said that their baggage team who delivers the baggage when it gets lost does not use that storage facility, they’ve never heard of it before,” she explains.



After another week, Rees claims they revisited the storage facility where their luggage was located since the AirTag updated them to which building it was in specifically.

“What do we find? Floor to ceiling, wall to wall, luggage,” she reveals.

After witnessing the discovery, Rees decided they should get the police involved.

The police got a warrant to open up the storage facility and began searching and combing through all of the lost luggage in order to find their property.

Now, all they had to do was wait for the police to investigate the matter and figure out what was going on with all of the luggage in the facility and find their bag.

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After Air Canada deemed Nakita Rees and Tom Wilson’s luggage ‘lost,’ they donated it to charity.

“We’ve heard from the cop and this is going to blow your mind TikTok,” Rees says in her third update. “Our luggage was donated to a charity on behalf of Air Canada because they deemed it lost even though we were tracking our luggage for the last four months.”

After their luggage was deemed lost, they electronically transferred money to Rees’s account as a form of compensation — an amount that wasn’t even a quarter of worth to the contents in the bag.



Through some digging into the terms and conditions and Air Canada’s policies, Rees was able to figure out that there was no clause, term, or condition, that allowed the airline to claim ownership of their bag in order to donate it in the way that they did.

Rees believes that she had filled out their missing baggage report with extreme detail and with extensive information, so it should have been easy to find.

However, due to what Rees believes is laziness on the part of the airline, they put in “no effort” to retrieve their lost baggage and instead, deemed it lost in order to be done with it.

Thanks to the police investigation and the attention brought on by the widely viewed videos on Rees’s TikTok page, they were finally able to have their bag returned to them.



She believes that had they not brought this case to the attention of the media, they would have done nothing about it and their bag would have been lost forever.

Now, Rees is looking to take legal action against Air Canada for the incident, and she has the support of millions of viewers on TikTok.

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