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300-lb Person Leaves Note On Car Complaining About Not Having Room To Get Into Their Car Due To Bad Parking

Photo: Reddit
Note left on car about parking job

Every driver you know could probably write you a list of their biggest pet peeves when they’re out on the road, and it’s more than likely you’ll find “bad parking jobs” on that list.

Double parking, too far out into the street or lot, too close to your car, crooked — you name it, but how often are you the one to blame for a shoddy job without even realizing it?

One person was subject to the classic tale of a sticky note left on their car that criticized their parking job, sparking a debate about who was in the wrong and showing Reddit users the parking job in question.

Their parking job was so bad that a 300 lb person struggled to get into the car next to it.

The post was submitted to the subreddit “r/pics,” which isn’t usually a hotbed for debate and simply a place for people to share some photographs they find interesting or funny.

Behind the sticky note being held up in front of the camera, you can see an Audi parked in a spot relatively poorly, with the note in front of it reading: “Nice parking job.”

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“I’m 300 LBS. How do you think I can get in my car?”

Beautiful juxtaposition aside, Redditors took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the situation at hand.

Although the Audi was parked very close to the car on the passenger side, it wasn’t quite reaching over the line just yet.

However, that doesn't mean the driver shouldn't have been more considerate about leaving space — you never know your neighbor's situation.

On Reddit, many took the debate seriously and could relate — to either the driver or the person who wrote the note — and offered up their opinions to be discussed.

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Readers were split on who was in the wrong — the driver, or the writer of the note.

A lot of readers seemed to take both sides, arguing that both parties have a right to be upset with the situation at hand.

“Not going to say the Audi is parked wrong just that parking like this is how you end up with dents in your door, even when the other person is being careful,” one of the comments read.

While the parking job may not have warranted a sticky note, it definitely wasn’t clean enough to expect others to position themselves around it.

If your car door gets scratched, don’t be surprised.

“This also sucks if you are tall,” said another person who sided with the writer. “God d--n do I hate when someone parks close and you have to slither your whole body down through the sh--ty little opening you have.”

“Reverse out and readjust, it literally takes a few seconds and you get to worry less about little dents in your doors too.”

One reader, however, gave the driver the benefit of the doubt in the situation and tried to reason out why they may have had to park like that in the first place.

“Isn't it the worst when you pull up and both sides are parked like douches, but you go and park anyways, leaving a perfect amount of distance on either side, but when you get back to your car the other two cars have left and now it looks like you parked like a douchebag?”

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This is a scenario that happens all too frequently, no matter what kind of parking spot or lot you’re parking in.

“This is the reason I wouldn't condone a beater-driver to slam their door into someone who appears to have parked like a douche,” they continued. “They may have had to park like that because of a bigger douche.”

Seeming to have hit the nail right on the head, the driver responded to this user’s comment on their post and said “This by the way is exactly what happened.”

“The original car on the right was actually over the line and that’s why I was parked so far to the left was just trying to fit in and was just happy to be inside both lines w someone already over mine,” they explained.

Despite their best efforts, someone ended up unhappy with this situation, but it offers a reminder to give people the benefit of the doubt — there may be a method to some people’s madness.

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