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Couple Admits They Pay Their Rent By Snitching On Dog Owners Who Don't Pick Up Their Dog Poop

Photo: TikTok
Dog owner with dog

We all love our dogs immensely, but love is not the only thing a dog owner needs — responsibility is also key.

This Ohio couple agrees — there’s nothing worse than leaving your apartment to find tons of dog poop left to be stepped in. 

In a TikTok they posted from December 14th, they give viewers a preview into how they take matters into their own hands — by spying and snitching on their neighbors. 

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For every video of an irresponsible dog owner, this couple receives $50 off their rent.

Not only are their sneaky videos of irresponsible dog owners saving them from cleaning their shoes, but it’s actually saving them money on their rent — and quite a bit of money. 

But, is snitching on dog owners like the one shown in the video worth the money off? Comments seem divided.



The video shows a woman, who is assumed to live in their apartment complex, with a massive dog. 

Dragging and pulling her around, the dog finally does his business in front of one of the buildings and pulls her away — leaving the dog poop left behind. 

“Take it off my rent h–,” the woman recording the video jokingly says while zooming in on the woman with the dog. 

As the woman gets pulled out of the frame, the man in the car laughs and says, “and that dog is out of control.” 

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The couple admits that for one month, they paid the entirety of their $650 rent by snitching on dog owners. 

Comments seem amazed that it’d be possible to pay their entire rent, just by camping out in the parking lot with their camera. 

Others seem disgusted that the couple would intentionally expose people by spending their whole day waiting to record someone. 

“I mean,” one comment writes, “get it how you get it I guess.”  Another feels annoyed that their own apartment complex doesn’t award them for calling out irresponsible dog owners. 

Tons of other TikTok videos show people calling out irresponsible dog owners — for free. 

One TikTok from May 22nd shows a man in a vehicle driving up to a man with his dog — assumably near his apartment complex. 

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“Pick up your dog poop folks,” he wrote in the caption of the video berating the man for not picking up after his dog. 

“Show the bag,” the man yells from his car at an unsuspecting dog owner. “I ain’t showing you nothing,” the dog owner screamed back. 

“Dude, don’t let your dog sh— in the grass…go pick it up,” he repeats over and over at the man — who seems to grow angrier and angrier as he stomps away from the grass. 

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Other TikTokers assure viewers that leaving poop behind is the least irresponsible ‘mess-up’ a dog owner can do. 

Another TikTok from December 29th shows two off-leash dogs running up to a woman trail riding with her horse on an outdoor trail. 



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While the horse was calmly walking at the beginning, he begins to get flustered as the dog continue to snap and bark at the horse — while the owner stood by, doing nothing. 

“Yet again more irresponsible dog owners,” the caption on the video reads. 

Surely, she’d have been much happier to have her horse step in dog poop, than to have an irresponsible dog owner do nothing while her dogs attack a trail rider. 

“I’d let them get kicked,” one commenter blatantly states. 

Many other comments blame the owner, assuring people that the dogs don’t deserve to be punished for the owner’s inability to train or irresponsibly leash their dogs. 

So, whether it’s money off rent for snitching or calling someone out from your car window — irresponsible dog owners everywhere are ‘shaking in their boots’. 

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