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Woman Shares 'Contract' Controlling Ex Made Her Sign To Get A Dog — Insisting On Daily City Photos, Forts & More

Photo: @desiraecomet/TikTok
Tiktoker telling story

Abuse in relationships isn’t always physical. Emotional abuse is characterized by one person controlling another. This can be done via criticism, embarrassment, shame, blame, or manipulation.

According to the National Library of Medicine, about 80% of women have experienced emotional abuse with over half of it being in the form of ‘coercive control.’

So, no one should be surprised by the contract TikToker, Desirae, was forced to sign by her ex in order to get a dog.

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Her abusive ex had strict rules for her to follow before agreeing to get a dog.

In a video, Desirae shared a document entitled “Dog Contract” that was filled with some highly questionable rules she needed to follow if she wanted to get her precious pup.



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The list begins with a clause that she wakes up at 5:30 am daily, with the exception of Sundays. On waking up, Desirae was required to “do yoga, read a book and drink tea”.

The second sentence was vague but aspirational. Her ex-boyfriend stated, “I want to learn and grow with you, tired of being stuck in a loop.”

The next request was interesting to say the least. He ordered that she find a “legal” way to make $2000 per month and stressed that this was a “must” for Desirae.

She added some color to the instruction, telling viewers, “He wouldn’t let me have a real job, so I don’t know what he wants me to do.”

Desirae adds that because of her inability to get a traditional job, she created an Only Fans account.

But her ex insisted on being her manager and “ruined her fanbase”. She doesn’t say exactly what he did to turn her followers off.

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Her ex wanted to force her to eat vegan snacks.

Next, she tells viewers that her former partner, now identified as “Jason,” was a vegan and would lecture her about the dismal state of her organs and glands.

The next item on Jason’s list if orders was for Desirae to make him “random snacks” from Pinterest that were healthy.

Proving that his love for her was more about what she could do for him than who she was, he demanded random kisses from Desirae and free work any time he asked for it.

Jason then asks that she clean the house every day, although the TikToker makes it clear that was already happening. But that doesn’t stop him from laying out how to clean their home in painstaking details.

The controlling man’s instructions were extensive, involving daily vacuuming, building a "fort" in the woods every day, writing an autobiography, find a Tesla to buy and much more.

He also wanted her to take daily photos of the city but insisted there be no road signs in them.

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Desirae scoffs at the lengthy list, exclaiming, “As if sh-t like this wasn’t already happening!” 

She explains that she and her ex-boyfriend lived in a 7,000-square-foot home together. There were also seven cats and an endless stream of visitors, but she was the sole person responsible for maintaining cleanliness.

The requests continue, going from meticulous instructions for caring for their dogs to intricate details about how Desirae should please him sexually.

At the end of the so-called contract, Jason asks for weekly stargazing, finding a hobby to do together, weekend getaways, and permission to take a guys’ trip every four months.

But Jason wasn’t done. In one last stunning appeal, he asked her to have his kid, contingent upon him saving up $1,000,000 and promising her financial stability.

In a follow-up video, Desirae tells viewers that she never signed the contract, but did get her dog. Disappointingly she says, “My roommate stole my dog and ran away to Kentucky.”



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Providing more detail on the ‘roommate,’ Desirae alleges that the man didn’t have to pay rent because he was lodging in exchange for being Jason’s butler.

The butler/roommate was a 19-year-old named “Bones”, charged with getting Jason’s food, and according to Desirae, “getting him drinks from the fridge that is literally three feet away.”

The man was provided with a butler uniform complete with a cap, a vest, and even shoes that he was required to wear around the house.

Desirae admits, “It was the most dehumanizing thing I have ever seen, and no one knew what to say.”

She then talks about the menial tasks that the young man was forced to do in service of her ex.

In a criminal allegation, she says that Jason drugged Bones with “psychedelics” pushing him into psychosis.

Bones eventually left and took their dog with him. Desirae left the relationship with Jason. She never says why but promises a related story time is in the future.

What started as a story of emotional abuse morphed into a case of indentured servitude, criminal acts, and excessive privilege on one man’s part.

Thank goodness both Desirae and Bones were able to get out of Jason’s clutches before something even worse happened.

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