Mom Shares ‘Congratulations’ Note From Neighbor Telling Her To ‘Shut Up’ Her Baby

The note was pretty nasty.

note from neighbor, mom holding newborn baby Mumsnet | Alena Ozerova | Shutterstock

A mom has shared a note she received from her neighbor that congratulated her on her newborn baby, except the note quickly turned horrible.

The mom-of-two had initially shared the note on Mumsnet, a forum created for parents who seek advice or want to discuss their children, saying that it had been left on her doorstep "overnight."

The woman, whose username is 'AngryMomOfTwo,' explained that she has been living in a privately rented flat for four years and has been raising her two children.


Her latest child was born over Christmas, and as newborn babies do, her baby often cries at night. Although the woman noted that the crying "isn't too bad" compared to her eldest child who was prone to "cry a lot."

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"We get along with most people who live here. We're generally quiet and private as is all the other residents," the woman wrote

"Over 50 percent of them are elderly, though this isn't a retirement block of flats. We're the youngest, but there are others not much older than us."


However, one of the woman's neighbors didn't seem to think so and decided to leave her a rather rude note earlier this year.

"We don't know who left the note. It is obviously unsigned. We have our suspicions but that's all," she continued, adding that they could've easily just knocked on the door and spoken to her face-to-face instead of writing the disparaging note.

"The residents we've spoken to over the last few days have said how lovely [her new baby is] but [did not complain about] noise complaints. Our immediate neighbors and the lady directly below are nice people so I don't think it's them."

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The note read: "Congratulations on your new baby. Also, as this building is home to older residents, we do not appreciate you moving in just to breed. Please kindly shut up your baby at night so that the rest of us can sleep."



"For their own sake, they better hope I don't find out who it is. I'm furious. It's horrid," the woman concluded.

Most of the people who commented on the woman's post were horrified that someone would leave a note like that.

"They are a vile person," one person wrote.

Another added: "Just screw the note up and leave it on the mat of the person you think wrote it then forget all about it!"


"Rude and ridiculous, enjoy your new baby and try to ignore them, if they don't like it they will have to move elsewhere," wrote a third user. 

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