A Boss Overheard His Employee Talking Badly About Her Job While Out Shopping & Is Now Considering Firing Her For It

She cursed him out when he confronted her but she had no idea that he was her boss.

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An employee's future at the company she worked for was put in jeopardy after she inadvertently insulted one of her higher-ups.

In a video, TikTok user "@thelife2932" shared an incident that happened with one of the employees who works at the company where he is a vice president. While out and about, he ran into the employee, who had no idea who he was, and revealed that she had acted rudely and used vulgar language toward him.


Now, her position at the company is in a rocky state following that debacle, but the company's vice president asked viewers if there was a right way to go about the situation and fairly discipline her.

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His employee unknowingly cursed him out while the two were outside of work.

"I run to the grocery store to grab something for dinner and while there, standing next to me is a young lady," the company's vice president explained in his video. "The young lady has a work badge on for the company in which I'm a VP for."


He continued, recalling that the young lady had been on the phone the entire time, using rather vulgar language while also being loud and inappropriate. At that point, the VP decided to say something to her, which didn't turn out too well.



"I say to her kindly [that] maybe she should continue her conversation in private, or at least remove her work badge because representation is key and you never know who you are around," he said. However, instead of taking his advice, his employee turned around and told him to "f--k off."

Following that incident, the company's VP is now inquiring whether or not he should say something to her when they are in the office, pointing out that she had no idea who he was, that they worked at the same company, and that he was one of her bosses.


"Do I call her and her supervisor into my office to express where I'm coming from, or do I just let it go, or do I just let her go?" he asked. "I'm a very straightforward person, training is there, manuals are there. Do your job, represent us well, we'll never have a problem."

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In the comments section, people encouraged him to reach out to her and have a conversation.

"Call her and her [supervisor] into your office, and see how she responds. Her response will tell you all you need to know," one TikTok user suggested.

Another user chimed in, "Please talk to her if she is disrespectful when you explain what she did was wrong and if there is no remorse, Fire her."


"Call her in the office [and] take it as a coaching opportunity in the work environment it will be received better," a third user added.

Someone else pointed out that since it didn't happen on company time, she shouldn't be reprimanded too harshly. "Since this was not on company property [and] she was in her own space in public. You should give her just a warning."

However, another viewer acknowledged that she could be using this same attitude with customers, and if that were the case, the best option would most likely be to fire her. "If you're the VP and she responded like that to you who's to say she didn't respond to a customer like that... she's a threat to your business..."

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He revealed that the employee ended up being fired after he attempted to speak with her.

In a follow-up video, the company's VP provided an update on the situation and admitted that the employee had been fired by her supervisor due to her being unwilling to have a conversation about the incident.

"I reached out to her direct supervisor and said, 'Hey, this is what I encountered, can we set a meeting with her, you, and human resources, just to have a conversation.' I was going to give her a warning and we were going to take it from there," he revealed.



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However, when the supervisor reached out to the employee to let her know about the meeting, the employee was adamant about not participating because it "wasn't worth her time." Because she dismissed the entire incident and didn't care to resolve anything, the woman's direct supervisor ended up terminating her from the company indefinitely.

While employees should be given the benefit of the doubt, especially in situations like this, her blatant refusal to work through the problem with her company's VP proved that she just wasn't a good fit for the company, which many viewers also pointed out.

"That right there says it all!!! Not even mature enough to show up!!!" one TikTok user remarked, while another user added, "That’s a win for you! You don’t need someone with that attitude."


As the company VP briefly mentioned in his initial video, employees really are representatives of their organizations, even outside of the workplace. Their behavior and actions reflect on the company they work for.

By acting respectfully even outside of the office, it helps maintain a positive image and reputation for both the individual and the organization, while also demonstrating professionalism and integrity.

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