Woman Says She Applied For 76 Jobs After Being Laid Off & Didn't Receive A Single Response Back—'It's All A Scam'

Lucky, a simple piece of advice helped her land an interview!

A woman explained that she was applying for multiple jobs without hearing back. TikTok

A woman on TikTok has voiced a feeling experienced by many people who quit their jobs during the Great Resignation and that is that finding a job is tough!

In July 2022, Inc reported that the unemployment rate was 3.6% while job openings a year into the Great Resignation remained at an all-time high — 11.3 million unfilled positions as of May 2022 in comparison to 9.6 million a year prior.

In fact, a study released by Paychex, via CNBC, in 2023 found that a whopping 80% of people who quit during the mass resignations in recent years now regret their decision after struggling to find satisfaction at their new job — and that's if they were lucky enough to find a job at all!


On TikTok, Kaylee Alissa posted a video discussing her experience out on the job hunt and it is grim, to say the least.

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She was rejected from 76 jobs and now says, ‘It’s all a scam.’

Kayley was fired in May 2022, attributing it to her company's downsizing. Nine weeks later, she had not made any progress in finding another job.



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“I was completely blindsided,” she said. “I took literally one week off to be sad about my life. Then I started putting in applications.”

She applied to marketing and social media-oriented openings for in-person and remote positions. Despite all her applications, she didn’t hear back from a single one for even a follow-up interview.

“76 applications and I have not had one interview. I have not had any interest whatsoever,” she said. Kayley questioned the U.S. labor shortage, feeling that it’s overblown after failing to find a job after two months of seeking. “Y’all cannot tell me that companies are struggling. That they don’t have any workers when you’re not hiring anyone.”

She explained that her resume and cover letter are “elaborate” and “detailed,” so she believes what she’s sending to employers is not the problem. People in the comments shared similar experiences.


“No one is actually hiring, just posting job openings. I’ve been going through this for 8+ months,” one person wrote.

“Honey, I’ve put in over 450 in the last 4 months,” another added. “It’s interesting to see no one hire a qualified candidate, but yet they are hurting for employees.”

But one person’s advice changed her luck completely! Following the video, people commented that Kayley should do away with her “elaborate” resume. Instead, they suggested she go for something more simple. In a follow-up video, she shared that someone helped her rewrite her resume, and it’s got her two interviews in a matter of days! 

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So, fortunately, Kayley’s situation had a far simpler solution. And if you feel that your resume needs improvement, it could help you significantly. But what about people still struggling to find employment in the face of a labor shortage? 

Many other people are encountering the same issue, despite the labor shortage.

According to the lived experiences of many, the so-called labor shortage hasn't exactly resulted in job seekers fighting off job offers from all angles. In fact, many feel like they can't land a job at all.


So, why are some people still struggling to find employment? A July 2022 study from McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, found many people are changing industries. The voluntary quit rate is 25% higher than before the pandemic, partly because people are reevaluating their profession. Only 29% of people who quit their jobs without another lined up returned to full-time employment. 

Most people opted for part-time, gig work or starting their own business. And those switching industries are leaving a vacuum for companies to find experienced talent. For others struggling to find employment outside of their industry, it, unfortunately, may be best to return to where their experience lies—if getting a job as soon as possible is paramount.

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