Employee's Job Offer Revoked After He Asked About Benefits & It Leaves A 'Poor Taste' In Management's Mouth

He was planning ahead and never expected to lose his job offer because of it.

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An employee was left baffled after accepting a new job position only for the company’s management to revoke the offer. The reason why the offer was suddenly taken back is even more perplexing. 

Sharing his story on the Reddit forum, r/recruitingh–l, one employee was denied his job after inquiring about benefits.

After asking what benefits would be available with his new position, he received an email revoking his job offer. 

“I regret to inform you that your offer of employment has been revoked,” the email reads, with the word “revoked” bolded and italicized. Although the manager claims that the entire team and himself were excited to extend the offer to the man, his questions changed their minds. 


When accepting a job position, most candidates are curious to know what employee benefits entail since it directly affects their decision as to whether or not they should take the job.

According to Glassdoor's 2015 Employment Confidence Survey, about 60% of people report that benefits and perks are major factors in considering whether to accept a job offer. It would make sense for potential employees to ask recruiters what they would be receiving while working for the company. However, one manager did not believe so. 

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“The requests for a title change, written approvals for extended time off, and overall demeanor on the calls to discuss the offer with myself and the HR manager have left a poor taste in the team’s mouth and they do not feel comfortable having you on their team at this time,” the email continues.

“Negotiation during any offer is normal, having questions about what benefits look like is normal, but the demands for seeing full benefits (which are private documents), title changes, and written pre-approval for vacations that will take place nine months from now are not.” The company adds that they will not be presenting the man’s resume to any other clients of theirs moving forward. 


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The employee revealed that he was also blacklisted from a recruiting agency after he was given a different job title by the company than the one he originally applied for.

Other Redditors were shocked by the unprofessionalism displayed by the company.

“You can’t evaluate the offer properly without the benefits. What are they hiding?” one user pointed out. “These do not seem like outrageous asks,” another user commented. Others suggested that when a company is withholding information regarding benefits, it usually means that they are not stable and organized, and candidates should not accept a job offer if offered one. 

The man followed up with his original post, explaining that the title of the position was different in the job offer than it was on LinkedIn when he applied for it.


“The external recruiter admitted he lied and changed the name of the role to make it seem ‘more appealing’ but stated that it didn’t matter since ‘you just put whatever you want on LinkedIn, no one cares’” he wrote. When the man was offered the job, he received a single page document that did not include any details regarding employee benefits, and was informed that the job would “expire” if he did not accept the offer 24 hours after receiving it. 

“The benefits I asked to get a copy of are standard things like health care plans, retirement plans, etc,” the man claimed. He asked about vacation time since he would be traveling abroad for a friend’s wedding in the summer.

“I didn’t act rude at any stage of this process. All I did was ask for more details about the benefits, the time off, and the title change,” he claimed. He was just as stunned as other Redditors were by the sudden revoking of the job offer. 


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